Setting up a time for the IFComp postmortem discussion

Since I got a pretty good reception from Comp authors to using Euphoria (a web-based chat app that is friendly to casual and open discussions), I’m organising a chat/discussion about how IFComp went, both to talk about the games themselves and to talk about organisational/community things.

If you haven’t been to the Euphoria IF chat:

Tentatively, I’m scheduling this for 4PM EST on Saturday, November 21st. Unless a bunch of people can’t make it at that time, I’ll confirm this in two days.

If there’s enough interest, maybe Euphoria is a good platform to bring back the IF discussion club?

EDIT: November 21st, 4PM EST is official; hope to see you there.

That tentatively works for me!

+1 to a tentative yes.

I have terrible internet at the moment so I’ll have to pass. Are you planning on posting here (or somewhere) a transcript? I’d love to see what everyone had to say.

That should work for me.

That’s 7am on Sunday morning in Brisbane. I’ll do my best to be there, but I can’t guarantee I’ll make much sense!

Did you mean Friday the 20th, or Saturday the 21st?

If we’re talking Saturday the 21st I can be there at least for a few hours.

Surely, if there it at least one hour’s difference between timezones, it is quite possible for it to be the 20th AND saturday at the same time in different places.

(couldn’t resist! Sorry!)

EDIT - In the English calendar, the week days go like MTWTFSS. In Portuguese/Brazilian they go STQQSSD. It gets really easy to confuse wednesday/thursday, and friday/saturday. FWIW. I do it all the time.

To avoid (or perhaps add to?) any confusion, here’s the date and time and a countdown for:

I’m going to try to make it…thanks for setting this up

OK. Now I’m confused again. Friday 20th, which is the time showing in this countdown timer thing, I can’t do. Saturday 21st I can. I didn’t see Sequitur clarify the timing before the timer was put up. I’m not fussed either way (save to the extent that I would rather like to participate), but I still don’t think it’s clear. The problem was frankly nothing to do with time zones, and everything to do with the 20th not being a Saturday in Portugal, Greenwich, Australia or any other part of the world.

Er…yeah…is it Friday or Saturday?

Friday at 4pm will be a work day for many. Saturday may prove better? Unless you are going to the zoo with the family. You know. To see the animals.

I don’t know what my plans are for Thanksgiving yet. I may be traveling over the weekend. But I’ll try to make it for this postmortem chat if I can.

I’ve now updated the time zone and countdown timer to show both alternatives, i.e. Friday the 20th and Saturday the 21th.

And of course, you’re right, the 20th is a Friday in any part of the world. The day of the week a given date falls on does not depend on which time zone you’re in. (On the other hand, for a given moment in time, the current date (and thus the day of the week) can have up to 3 different values, in different parts of the world.)

So while the date ‘20th of November 2015’ is always a Friday, the time ‘4 PM on the 20th of November EST’ may be either a Friday or a Saturday, depending on where in the world you are at that time.

4pm Saturday November 21st EST conflicts with the SF Bay Area IF Meetup, which starts at that exact time.

Oops; I meant Saturday. I’ll fix the top post.

w/r/t the Bay Area meetup, that’s unfortunate. Is Sunday better?

I can’t believe my little joke got the attention it did. [emote]:P[/emote]

Anyway, Poe wrote a wonderful story about there being three sundays in a week and it seems very relevant now.

Sunday doesn’t conflict with the IF meetup, so I think it should be better. (It happens to be my daughter’s birthday, so I personally can’t make it on Sunday either, but that’s not as important.)

Here, let’s just poll people to see if Sunday works better. I’ll announce a proper date tomorrow.