Setting up a time for the IFComp postmortem discussion

Why don’t the if meetup people participate in the postmortem? They could even play games and comment live.

Cool thing about Euphoria - if you miss it, you can rewind time and insert your comments where they would go anyway. It’s a chat-room time machine.

Everything was already causing problems with the time-space continuum, and you go and do THAT?!? WHAT KIND OF FIEND ARE YOU???

Um…either of the days discussed works for me, I think. It’s even in waking hours.

Also, this.

And this.

Okay, given the poll, I’m calling this for Saturday. So the IFComp postmortem meetup/discussion will take place on Saturday, November 21st, at 4PM EST (9PM UTC), on Euphoria. Hope to see you there.