Sequel to THE PAWN or GUILD OF THIEVES from MAgnetic scrolls



I’m a Fan of Interactif Fiction and most of MAgnetic scroll adaventure games.
I’m writting for my own a french translate of THE GUILD OF THIEVES.

In a second time i would like to write a sequel of GUILD OF THIEVES or The PAWN.

Have you already think about a scenario i could use to relaes a a new adventure in kerovnia landcapes. Any other idea. ?

Thanks for your help

You might want to talk to the folks at who have apparently landed the Magnetic Scrolls license and have been working with original source code etc to present their games on modern platforms.


Yes at Strand, we’re currently working on a re-release of The Guild of Thieves, built from the original source code and, possibly, with some additional content. There’s also some cool stuff going on enhancing the original images, see this.

The idea of a separate implementation in French or even a new game in the Kerovnia world is most interesting - and to be encouraged! Possible scenarios for new games would be sequels, but AFAIK, none were designed or planned by Magnetic Scrolls.

In other news, StrandGames have a ChoiceScript interpreter that can run under the GUI. So anyone interested in writing a Choice based game let me know.

Here’s one i made earlier as a choice demo;

and here’s the source code to the choice game; … oice/scott