Seeking testers for my PunyJam #3 game entry

I will have a testable beta of my PunyJam 3 game entry very soon and would love to get a couple of testers. Feedback of any sort is welcome: plot, writing, puzzle difficulty, etc.

This is an homage to the cartoons of the 80’s, most specifically “G.I.Joe”. You control a pair of special missions operatives from Strike Force trying to infiltrate a deep sea research lab run by the evil HAVOC. There are a few outright losing scenarios (with warnings) and two endings, “good” and “bad”.

Please message me if you’re able to provide a playtest and feedback over the next couple of days so I have time to implement changes / fix bugs over the weekend before the jam deadline.

I’m located in Japan, so our time difference might cause a delay in response. Please understand, and thank you for any time you can donate to my little project.