Seeking TADS interpreter with plug-in support

I want to run a TADS interpreter and have it interact with a separate program that I will develop (an auto-mapper.

I believe that I only need to know when the player or an item change location, although it would be a bonus to know the movement verb used to move the player.

I know that could just fork an existing interpreter, but then I would have to maintain the fork.

Is there a TADS interpreter that allows plug-ins, so that I could inform my auto-mapper of these events?

You could always use the transcript as input to your program. Then it would work with both Gargoyle and Lectrote, among others.

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That could work - if I can get the transcript in real-time, as the game is being played, and not at the end of the session.

Is that possible?

Yes, the transcripts are written to a text file in real time with both the interpreters I mentioned.