SeedComp! - The Re-Planting! 🌱 - Time to Plant~

Welcome to this new edition of the Seedcomp!

SeedComp! is a 2-round interactive fiction game jam, run on, focusing on creativity and the growth of ideas.

While some parts of the world are participating in harvest festivals, here at SeedComp! HQ, we’ve gotten the ground ready for the planting of new seeds!

Come join us and plant a seed yourself, or maybe sprout a game from one of those seeds. Or maybe both! Or maybe look from afar and vote for your favourite entry!

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Some little changes with this new edition:

→ Round length

SeedComp! starts a bit longer this year, allowing participants a bit more time to submit both seeds and games:

  • Planting Round: Oct 1st to Dec, 1st
  • Sprouting Round: Dec 1st to March 1st
  • Voting Period: March 3rd to March 31st

All indicated deadlines are still set to midnight (00:00 - 12am) UTC -10/HST time, and Itch still translates it to your local time automatically.

→ Rules and Guidelines

Please note that we’ve tweaked the rules and guidelines for the competition, clearing up the writing of some rules.
We’ve also added an auto-reenrolment system, if your seed was not chosen in this edition of the Seedcomp!, as well as introducing the SeedBank (a database of past seeds). Both are optional.

Before submitting a seed or an entry, please ensure to review them.

You can find the updated rules on both the Planting round and the Sprouting round itch pages, as well as the links on the pinned post of our Tumblr blog (the website is in reconstruction).

If you have any question about the rules or the competition, please let us know!


Even though much of my attention has gone to staring at the submission screen for a certain harvest festival, I have not forgotten about the seeds for next year’s early spring sprouting.

I have an idea or two/three for game premises/prologues, but I’ll let them ferment a bit further first. Just to let you know that there will be seeds coming your way soon.


(Less than) Three weeks left to submit a seed!


Thanks for the reminder. Nothing immediately sprang to mind, so I went through my ‘adventure ideas’ folder and discovered an old idea that I think could make a good game. Mind you, I’m biased, so I’ll have to see what others think. Anyway, seed submitted: 1984 by Garry Francis


I can’t remember, are you supposed to not start on the game until the sprouting round? I haven’t started anything, just interested in what the rules are.


As soon as there’s a seed to use, you can start whenever you wish.

In fact, that’s one of the advantages of having unused seeds kept for the following year.

Hypothetically, one could start working on an entry for the following year immediately after the current comp ends.


Been feeling a lot under the weather lately, so I figured it’d be topical for a seed. Plus, a chance to look at cute kitten pictures productively. Included a transcript in a plain text file and on the actual page itself for accessibility purposes since I defaced the actual image.


First Seed planted!


Don’t you mean third seed planted?


The Spires on the Salt Plains is freshly planted. The other two have been frozen in the Seed Bank for the past year.


Ah, gotcha. I thought they sounded familiar.


Hey, this looks like a really nice idea! I do have a question though.

I’m considering planting an unfinished project of mine from a previous Game Jam. The licence as it stands is GNU Affero GPL v3.

The rules around licences say:

Seeds must be your own creation and licensed under a CC BY-NC license, CC-BY license or equivalent, or a less restrictive license.

I guess I need to seek a decision on whether the AGPL is an equivalent or less restrictive licence compared with CC-BY.

I’d hazard that AGPL is compatible with CC-BY (and therefore equivalent in the sense that they don’t contradict each other), but that when combining with another seed the terms of the AGPL would apply to the aggregate.

It would be good to get a declared opinion from SeedComp organisers before I throw my hat into the ring :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s fair, would you give us a quick moment to discuss?


A question of vital importance concerning this Comp:

Will there be spreadsheets?

If not, we’re gonna lose a lot of traction with otherwise perfectly sane people who just have their head screwed on a peculiar way. Best to keep those enthusiasts on board and engaged…


There is ALWAYS a spreadsheet :stuck_out_tongue:
(See past edition of the Comp)


Quick question, Tundish. Reading this: GNU Affero General Public License - Wikipedia

Does an AGPL license likewise require derivative works to themselves also be licensed as AGPL?

For example, if you submitted a AGPL seed, would a game made with that seed be required to be licensed as AGPL?

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Generally yes, that’s the AGPL.

But a general idea in a text file is not coprightable, in other words such a general idea can be used freely.


[Putting on my organizer hat…]

It looks to me like the AGPL (like the GPL, but unlike the LGPL) is, unfortunately, more restrictive than CC-BY-NC. The AGPL says this:

You may convey a work based on the Program, or the modifications to produce it from the Program, in the form of source code under the terms of section 4, provided that you also meet all of these conditions:
a) The work must carry prominent notices stating that you modified it, and giving a relevant date.
b) The work must carry prominent notices stating that it is released under this License and any conditions added under section 7. This requirement modifies the requirement in section 4 to “keep intact all notices”.

This means that any derived work (as I understand it) must also be licensed under the AGPL.

In contrast, the CC-BY-NC just says that you must include attribution and not commercialize it. You don’t have to provide source code, and you don’t have to make the new work CC-BY-NC; you could retain full copyright on it if you liked, as long as you didn’t commercialize it and as long as you included the attribution.

So the upshot is that I’m afraid that anything currently under the AGPL license doesn’t qualify as a seed in SeedComp. The LGPL would qualify, as it doesn’t place those added restrictions–I don’t know if that might be an option for you? Thank you for checking, instead of assuming! That would have been a pain to untangle afterwards.


… and grateful for your prompt reply :slightly_smiling_face:

Best to get clarity on that, so thank you. It hasn’t put me off entering, necessarily. I’ll just need a different starting point.


Just submitted mine! You could make a whole comp based just on my seed.