SDL Frotz now fully integrated with Unix Frotz

An SDL port of Frotz, sfrotz, was introduced in 2010 by Aldo Cumani. It has languished since 2011 while assorted changes in the Frotz core and libraries upon which it depends changed such that sfrotz will no longer compile. Thanks to the efforts of Timo Korvola, the old sfrotz code was cleaned up and integrated with Unix Frotz. It’s still rather messy, but you can now easily have a version of Frotz on your Unix machine capable of running V6 games with full graphics and any games with sound effects per the Blorb specs. Build it with “make sfrotz”.

As always, you can see what’s cooking with Unix Frotz at


Thanks for sharing! I’m using Frotz mostly on FreeBSD (games/frotz) and I just noticed that this involves the same version, so that’s nice to know.

It’s good to know but is something I probably won’t be using myself. I’m really focused on the commandline myself, which is what makes Frotz so fun to use for me.

Oooouuuh, nice. I’ll check soon. Thanks

Compiled it and tried it out. Can’t seem to select text to copy out of the game in sfrotz, which makes me sad. Other than that, looks good.

That’s one of the problems that needs attention. The work by Timo just brought in the old sfrotz code into Unix Frotz. The only things corrected, so far, have been API changes.

How to install this though?
I find linux and git hub a real nightmare to figure out
If these works on Ubuntu ?

For git: open a terminal and cd to the folder you want (or right click ‘open a terminal in folder’)
Then type on the terminal git clone and the link of the project. This will make a copy of the files on the remote repository to your computer.

To compile: Once downloaded, cd into the project folder, usually the project name (press tab to auto-complete) and type make sfrotz

If you get a message about SDL2_mixer.pc not found. You might need to install the libraries: type sudo apt install libsdl2-mixer-dev that will install the development libraries on your system.