Ron Newcomb's "lost" extensions?

According to the IFWiki page for Ron Newcomb (Ron Newcomb - IFWiki), he authored several extensions that do not appear in his section of the current Extensions library (extensions/Ron Newcomb at master · i7/extensions · GitHub).

While it is likely that most of them would not function without revision and/or may depend on features of the language that have changed, I am interested in looking some of them over. Does anyone (perhaps @Ron_Newcomb himself) happen to know where copies of the following can be found?

  • Dialogue Punctuation
  • Grouped Messages as Dialogue
  • Output Filtering
  • Passable Relations
  • Player-Character Requires Persuasion
  • Pronouns
  • Repeat Through Actions
  • Repeat Through a Rulebook

The Friends of I7 also has an extensions archive where you can find all of those old Ron Newcomb extensions and more.


Terrific! Thanks.