Where to find Unicode Interrogation by Michael Martin

I’m writing a Glulx game, and I want to use Command Modification by Daniel Stelzer. The extension (at least in the version on GitHub) seems to support Glulx.

However, it includes Typographical Conveniences by Daniel Stelzer, which in turn tries to include Unicode Interrogation by Michael Martin… Which I can’t find anywhere!

I found this old RAIF discussion about Unicode Interrogation, where people try to figure out how it can be made to work with Glulx. I assume they succeeded at some point, since Command Modification uses it, and it looks like it’s supposed to work with Glulx. I obviously don’t know if it works in recent Inform versions though, because I can’t find it…

There appears to be a copy at the I7 Extensions Archive that @Zed pointed me to recently (see Ron Newcomb's "lost" extensions?). (Thanks again, Zed.)


There it is, thank you!