Return to the valley of release along with an interpreter

I had some trouble getting a web-playable, graphics-endabled version of my game ready in time for Spring Thing. Some of you helped me! I was glad to get it all done in time.

I wonder, now: are there alternate templates for releasing with an interpreter? By “alternate,” I’m strictly referring to appearance/layout. I think Inform 7’s solution fresh out of the box is the two-paned layout with hyperlinks on the left and the game on the right. There’s also a cover image, and a link to information about the interpreter.

If anyone can point me to any resources, I’d be very grateful.


There are a couple of alternate layouts described in this thread. Inform 7 has built-in functionality for other templates, just few people make or use them.


Thanks! I’ll check those out. I sounds like one was giving you trouble. Did you sort it out.

Also, I see a one column template mentioned… I did a search but didn’t find it.

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I didn’t use it long, so I don’t remember what happened, but I think it was easy to fix. You can actually make your own templates pretty easily using this chapter of the manual:

(Here I mean ‘easily’ in the sense that it’s creating a website from scratch with some keywords used for ‘fill in the blanks’. But if you know someone into web design or hire someone then this section might help)


I think it’s this one:; see also the Quixe page (under “Quixe with a header and footer”).


I looked it over and thought, boy, I hope that I don’t need to do that! But I’ll take another look, it can’t hurt.

Thanks! I’ll check it out.