Request: Add Adventuron as an Authoring system


I’d like to request that Adventuron be added as a first-class authoring system in the authoring section.

The system has been around publicly for two and a half years now, and there are about 50 games authored built with (or ported to) the system.

If it’s not possible to add as a first-class authoring system, please let me know what the threshold is, and I’ll work towards that.

Thank you for your time,



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I don’t think that would be warranted yet - as far as I can tell there hasn’t even been a single topic here from an author using Adventuron wanting help. The sub-categories aren’t about keeping up a class system of IF dev systems, but are just an organisational tool for this particular website. Lots of popular dev systems don’t have a sub-category because there just aren’t many people here who use them. And that’s fine. This isn’t the only IF community forum on the internet, and if more people ever do come here to get help with Adventuron we can easily add a sub-category when there were enough posts that it made sense. If we added it now it’s not clear whether it would communicate “Adventuron is a first class dev system” or “Adventuron is a ghost town no one uses”.

And don’t forget that there is a tag:


Fair points, well made :slight_smile:


Adventuron is listed in the “giant list of IF resources” link post. Do feel free to start a discussion in Development Systems (or any relevant category depending on content), or announce if there are new features or resources people can take advantage of.

There is already an Adventuron tag (I added it to this thread.) and it’s always good to have threads to direct people to when they do come asking about it or do forum searches in the future. We can always pin posts that become the de-facto FAQ about a subject.

I saw the “Next Adventure Jam” post and that’s a really good idea also. Itch is a good place for it - there is a lot of interest there in retro-style dev systems like Bitsy by people who might not overlap with the IF community here. (And this is not in any way an attempt to push you over there - on the contrary all IF/text adventure information is welcome and we should be so lucky that discussion blows up about any subject to the point we need to create a category for it!)

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I too would like to see an Adventuron category. In fact, it would be nice to have a more fine-grained categorisation of all the “other systems”. It makes it much easier to find just what you’re interested in. Even a mainstream system like Inform should be split into Inform 6 and Inform 7, as these are completely different languages with very little in common from an author’s point of view, except that they both produce Z-code and/or Glulx games.

Incidentally, at the time of writing, I know of 85 games that have been authored with Adventuron and published.

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I’ve been using Adventuron for over two years now. It’s a great system. A category of its own would probably encourage more discussion on here; very much a chicken and an egg situation. I’m more likely to post about it elsewhere at the moment.

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I understand the logic of not surfacing Adventuron in particular given that there are a lot of other systems that are not surfaced, plus, to be honest, even though there are an increasing number of games on the platform, it’s not really that popular yet.

For anyone asking Adventuron questions, just add the prefix “Adventuron:” and that should be good enough.


There’s really not much difference between a category and a tag. I get that it’s a chicken and egg thing, but I haven’t yet seen authors making many posts, so I’m not inclined to make a category yet. Doesn’t mean we never will though!


Again, absolutely understand.

The sudden push for this wasn’t my doing, but I do appreciate having champions :slight_smile:

Happy to wait and see. But there will likely be more Adventuron activity here as users are pointed in this general direction.


At the moment, Adventuron support is second to none. If you ask a question, raise a bug or a feature request, it’s answered within a couple of hours. But support ‘forums’ are scattered all over the place like a mad woman’s breakfast. There’s various Facebook groups, a Twitter account, Telegram, WhatsApp, email and various game jam forums. It would be nice if it was centalised. If I have a question that I feel is of general interest to the whole community, I might start asking it here, then others can benefit from the answer.


At the moment if I do a search for “adventuron” there are 28 topics that mention it. A good number so to speak! Not every one is exclusively about adventuron, but some mention it in passing, like the IF Resources thread.

Right now, that’s a good number to keep track of with search and tags. Don’t forget to tag your messages since there is an existing “adventuron” tag that’s only been used about 8 times. I tagged a couple more messages from that search. Any regular user here at Trust Level 3 can edit a post’s title and the tags.

I don’t suppose we’ll ever fully centralize any discussion here if it’s popular somewhere else as well. I’ve seen threads from this forum come up in Google searches, though I don’t know if that’s just customized by my own personal search history.


It sounds like Adventuron needs a central forum and would probably be a good place. Having it here would probably increase cooperation between Adventuron users and the rest of the IF community. Since I am a part of the Adrift community and since we have a very good forum on the ADRIFT site, we don’t need our own category at the moment (it would be good with an ADRIFT tag though :), whereas it seems to make sense for Adventuron.

I understand don’t want to flood the Authoring category with a huge number of rarely used systems. Perhaps an Adventuron category could have a 6 months trial period. If the category hardly is used, the Adventuron category could be removed and the posts could be moved to the “Other development systems” category.