Release of Extwee 2.2.0

As part of my ongoing research into early Twine works, Extwee 2.2.0 is now released on GitHub and via NPM. It is the first Twine-compatible story compilation tool to support every input format used by Twine across its coming-up-on 15 years of existence.

Extwee accepts input from:

Extwee can also output nearly every format except Twine 1 TWS, which is not supported, and has not been actively supported, for almost 10 years by other tools.


Very long over-due, Extwee now also has documentation on how to use its API directly to create passages, manage stories, and convert between formats without needing to use the command-line access.

For those interested in the programmatic generation of passage data, Extwee, via its API, can achieve this. There is a short example on how this works in the documentation and I also hope to write an updated tutorial series on my blog in the coming weeks.

Return of CLI

Extwee 2.2.0 restores a CLI. As part of the build folder or in Releases, extwee, for macOS, and extwee.exe, for Windows (x64), can be downloaded and used directly.

For those using Node.js, Extwee can also be accessed via NPX as well.

Future Planning

The Road to Extwee 2.4.0 GitHub project is public. The next step for Extwee is closer integration with the Story Format Archive (SFA) repo’s goal of collecting past and present story formats for Twine to allow for searching and using them with story compilation tools. (The SFA has its own public project toward its 1.0.0 version. I would love help with this!)