React + fyrevm-web Help

Hey folks,

I’ve been looking for a React/Typescript non-novice developer to update the fyrevm-web repository. It’s four years out of date and it also has a dependency on semantic-ui, which seems to gave problems with gulp and breaks builds on Windows. I’m also open to (if not pleading for) semantic-ui being replaced with something less troublesome (maybe Ant-Design?)

I’m willing to pay someone to help me out with this. You’d need to understand/learn the basics of how fyrevm-web works, but that’s fairly easy (you send in text and it fires an event that contains an object with all of the necessary output for that “turn”).

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Blech. I’m going through this myself and here’s what I’ve realized.

  1. Original react dev didn’t even implement FyreVM properly. He compiled it to JS and imported it directly as a script. It should have been turned into a TS module and imported properly.

  2. I’ve renamed the fyrevm-web repository to fyrevmweb-react since it’s all mushed together.

  3. I created a new repo called fyrevmweb that is just the base fyrevm library and published an NPM package.

  4. I create a new repo called fyrevmweb-angular and am working on getting it setup with an angular project. I included fyrevmweb and added a service, but I’m stuck on how to properly import FyreVMWeb as an object.

Stay tuned!