Re-defining READ as a separate verb from LOOK

I want to be able to handle “Read” differently than “Look” (or “Examine”, etc).

I tried just defining a new verb called Reading and telling it to understand “Read” as reading, but when I type “Read book” is just examines the book.

I searched the other topics and found out how to redirect examine to a new action, but that will redirect “Read”, “Look”, “Examine”, and any other variants. I only want “Read” to be a new action.

Can anyone point me in the right direction please?


PS. Much thanks for all of the help I’ve received so far. I have learned a lot about Inform 7 from your responses to my questions. Thanks!

The easy way to decouple READ from its existing link to EXAMINE is to type this before your other understand statements:

Understand the command “read” as something new.

Docs: 6.2. Writing New Commands


As a side note, if you only want this in one specific instance, you can check if the subcommand of the verb matches “read” in a rule about examining.

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Also see:

WI §17.3 Overriding existing commands

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