Quixe transcript question

I’m trying to save a transcript made in Quixe. To view it, I type “save”, then press “edit”, select the transcript name, and press “display”.

When I copy the transcript text and try to paste it into my text editor, all the carriage returns are missing. I searched for both newline and CR characters, but my editor couldn’t find either one.

I’m running the game in Firefox, and this same behavior was experienced by a tester who was also using Firefox.

Any guidance?

I had the same issue. In general, I opted for selecting all the text from the game display screen and pasting that instead, though this misses anything lost to screen clear events.

The display is just an HTML element containing the text. It uses white-space:pre-wrap so that newlines are not ignored.

I guess this is just a quirk of how Firefox implements copy? Does Firefox have this problem in regular


Looks that way:

Okay. I think I can work around that by using a

 element in the DOM and restyling it to look the way it should (rather than starting with a 
, as it is now).

This is pretty silly of Firefox, though.