Quixe beta-test

After a holiday-weekend’s worth of pounding the punchcards, I have a demoable version of Quixe, the pure-javascript Glulx interpreter.


A few Glulx games are set up for play.

The big feature still missing is save and restore. (Undo works, however.) You can type “save”, and choose a save slot, and then type “restore”, and look through the saved games. However, restoring will always fail. (The data that gets written to the slot is meaningless.)

Other unimplemented features: sound, graphics, stylehints. (Also line input in grid windows, but I don’t think any games use that.) There is no iPhone/Android support.

It isn’t all that fast. Reliques of Tolti-Aph, in particular, has a miserably long startup time. There are some debugging lines and assertions that will be trimmed out in the final release, and I haven’t implemented the Glulx acceleration opcodes. But you can assume that anything which is slow now will be pretty slow in the future as well.

To run any other Glulx game using Quixe, you’ll have to convert it to Javascript data by hand. (Sorry! I will eventually use Parchment’s tricks of loading data files directly, but that isn’t in place yet.) You’ll need the zcode2js tool from the Parchment project. (Yes, even though the tool is called “zcode2js” and not “glulx2js”. Just use it.) Run that on your .ulx or .gblorb file to generate a .js file. Put that up on a web server, and then drop it into the “story=” part of the URL.

Let me know how it works.

That’s very neat!

Though the slowness with I7 games is certainly something that spoils the experience a bit; and that’s on a 3.4GHz, quad core machine :-/

But otherwise, it’s quite impressive.

Anyone who’s interested should try the new Parchment with Glulx support. It’s not live, but you can download and run it locally: github.com/curiousdannii/parchme … ives/quixe

It should run any glulx file on the net (smaller than 1MB!), just add the story file’s URL to parchment.html?story=

That was quick! Some issues I encountered:

Both .ulx and .gblorb files will run from my hard drive and from the net, but without a status line window. I can also run Zarf’s quixe demos (e.g., parchment.html?story=http://eblong.com/zarf/glulx/quixe/demo/stories/Rover.gblorb.js ); they also do not have status lines. (Is multi-windowing broken, or is there just an issue with the CSS, say, for the status line?)

The 1 MB limit makes a lot of games inaccessible. Is that a limit that can/will be done away with?

Good work–this whole wing of endeavor is progressing beautifully.


I haven’t looked yet at Dannii’s changes. but it sounds like a CSS issue.

The 1-meg limit is a serious problem. (It affects some .zblorb files too.) Fixing it is a high priority, but I’m not sure who’s tackling it.

Mmm, that is serious. I’m not sure of its cause.

It can and will be. It’s not quite as high a priority for me as it is for Zarf though.