PunyJam #3

PunyJam #3 is coming up!

On 3 February, the theme is announced.
Submissions can be entered up to and including 26 February.
Voting ends on 12 March.

All games must be written with PunyInform.

The theme puts some kind of requirement on the game contents, so it’s hardly meaningful to start writing your game until it’s announced. If you plan to participate but haven’t tried PunyInform yet, we recommend you use the time before the jam to learn PunyInform.

There is a competition element, but we also welcome games that are released as part of the jam, but outside the competition. Judges will be encouraged to provide feedback for each game, and this goes for games that aren’t in the competition too. This feedback will be forwarded to the game’s author.

Prize donations are welcome!


The prize pool currently consist of:

  • 100 USD in cash, vi PayPal
  • A Steam gift certificate for €35
  • A Steam gift certificate for €20

Not that you’re likely to win an amount that gives you a decent salary per hour, but it could be fun to have the chance to win something at least.



The Jam is now officially on!

We currently have 18 participants. We have room for more!

Also, we have 5 prizes.

The jam theme: The game must start in or at an airlock.


My PunyJam #3 game is progressing well. It has blossomed to 30 rooms, more than I intended. I just couldn’t get the flow worked out in a believable way with less rooms.

The map is implemented along with flow control and some of the narrative. I I still need to implement several puzzles and some mechanics. Less than two weeks to go. Short jams are so stressing!


Games are out! Nine entries to play :slight_smile:


Won’t have an issue qualifying for the 2023 IFDB Awards now.


Good luck to everyone. I’m just happy to have finished a game and entered!


Man! I have to finish French comp so I can try these out! And seed comp…


And then the Spring Thing :stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats to all the participants! Looking forward to play new games :smiley:


I see on the overview page that voting is done using Google forms. I don’t see a link or further instructions though. How do I go about this?

Oh, am I allowed to vote for games I tested?

9 games. Each of them looking interesting. Lots of fun to all involved!


I think @fredrik is putting the form up later today.


Thanks. I didn’t want to rush anyone. Just got a bit of the completeness-cramps when I didn’t see a link right away.


Yes, you can vote for games you tested! And authors can vote (but not for their own game).

Voting form will be up on main jam page in 6-10 hours.


This is one jam I want to review everything for. I was pleasantly surprised to see @fos1 put an entry out, and then Marco Innocenti (IFComp 2012 winner) asked for some last-minute help. It’ll be interedting to see what’s there!

@frederik, thanks for the guidance on voting for games we tested.


There is now a voting link under “Voting” on the main page of the jam. Please read up on rules for judging (under “Voting”) as well as recommendations for judges (under “Recommendations”). Thanks for helping out with judging in the jam!


Thank you very much for your interest. Writing the game was quite a challenge for me. @Warrigal gave a number of pointers and assistance.



Yes, he’s been helpful … I should probably follow the PunyJam discord so I can offer a bit more help, maybe for iteration number 4, which is probably looking too far ahead at this point!


You would be a big help there. It a very nice and active subset of Intfiction.

Thank you


I think I tested all the games except two, though not necessarily to completion because of time constraints. The quality is generally quite high, especially considering that two of the authors were first timers to the PunyInform library.

Keeping in mind that the game had to start at or near an airlock, it was interesting to see how everyone handled that. For those playing the games for the first time, you’re in for a treat. But don’t dilly dally, voting closes on 12 March 2023.


It would be nice, at least after the comp, to add disk and/or tape images for old computers / emulators. If the game can run on those it should be eligible for the “Outstanding Retro Game” IFDB Award.

I know most can be put into Ozmoo to create a disk image for Commodore computers but it would be nice if the authors released at least one “retro file” (e.g. d64-image) as the games in theory could be too big or have too many modifications to the PunyInform library to run on such computers.