PunyJam #3

PunyJam #3 is coming up!

On 3 February, the theme is announced.
Submissions can be entered up to and including 26 February.
Voting ends on 12 March.

All games must be written with PunyInform.

The theme puts some kind of requirement on the game contents, so it’s hardly meaningful to start writing your game until it’s announced. If you plan to participate but haven’t tried PunyInform yet, we recommend you use the time before the jam to learn PunyInform.

There is a competition element, but we also welcome games that are released as part of the jam, but outside the competition. Judges will be encouraged to provide feedback for each game, and this goes for games that aren’t in the competition too. This feedback will be forwarded to the game’s author.

Prize donations are welcome!


The prize pool currently consist of:

  • 100 USD in cash, vi PayPal
  • A Steam gift certificate for €35
  • A Steam gift certificate for €20

Not that you’re likely to win an amount that gives you a decent salary per hour, but it could be fun to have the chance to win something at least.



The Jam is now officially on!

We currently have 18 participants. We have room for more!

Also, we have 5 prizes.

The jam theme: The game must start in or at an airlock.