Promoting the Elm Narrative Engine

Hello, I’ve posted before about older versions of the interactive story engine I’ve been building. I’ve continued to improve it and add new features, and I want to promote it again to see if people would be interested using it.

The Elm Narrative Engine

A context-aware, rules-based tool for building interactive stories. More like point-and-click adventure game style than parser, hypertext, or cyoa.

Aside from its unique approach, a huge strength is a total separation of story logic, content, and presentation. This makes it possible to add interactive stories to many different types of games. I have some cool demos at

Get started by cloning the story starter.

I’ve also just finished playing with an interactive story structure visualization tool.

I have plans to build an online visual story editor, which would make it easy to build stories without having to write code, and would also allow to export the story data to use in custom games if desired.

I have been working on this for over a year and a half now, and would like to know if others would be interested in using this tool, and how much more work and effort I should invest in it. Thank you for your feedback!

Wow, looking at the old thread I remember this being much bumpier before, and it’s very much smoother to interact with now–good work!

Same here. This looks very nice. I personally wish there was also a single IDE that brought it all together so I could just write in it instead of fool with the parts.