Preventing the game from looking after exiting an enterable container in the room?

Is there a way to prevent inform from printing room descriptions specifically after exiting an enterable container that’s in the same room?

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This is the bit of the Standard Rules that handles that:

Report an actor exiting (this is the describe room emerged into rule):
    if the actor is the player:
        surreptitiously reckon darkness;
        produce a room description with going spacing conventions.

So, simply remove this rule.

The describe room emerged into rule does nothing.

I assumed there had to be a rule for it somewhere but couldn’t find it. Thank you very much!

And just to expand on this in case you only want this behavior sometimes – I can imagine examples where the re-description feels redundant, and some where it’d be very useful for the player – you can remove the rule conditionally instead of completely:

The describe room emerged into rule does nothing when the location is the graveyard.

Or whatever you want the condition to be (apologies if this is obvious, but figured I’d add in case it’s useful now or for future folks who find this thread later).


Along the same lines, the Standard Rules also has this to say about exiting:

The exiting action has an object called the container exited from (matched as "from").

The “container exited from” is the holder of the actor, and can also be a supporter, that’s just what the variable’s called. This allows rules like:

The describe room emerged into rule does nothing when the container exited from is the glass cube.

In case of specific container(s) you want to change this behavior for.