Please test Spatterlight on Apple Silicon

Release 0.8.6 of Spatterlight is here.

It is supposedly a Universal app that runs natively on Apple Silicon, but as I am unable to test this, it might not work at all. Give it a try if you can!

The sound code is also completely rewritten, so it would be great if anyone could try it out with a couple of games using sound.

Full change log here.



Two games (briefly) tested.

  1. Andromeda Apocalypse, with title music: no problem detected.
  2. Wolfsmoon, with graphic window: no problems detected. // ETA: the graphical windows doesn’t resize correctly if we change the Theme used.

I’m don’t know about which interpreter to use; at the moment it’s the “Amiga” version.


Thanks for testing! Glad to hear that it is working. I assume you are using an M1 machine?

That interpreter setting only applies to Z-machine games, and even there it usually won’t have a lot of effect. I probably should make this clearer in the tool tip.

The resizing problem is interesting. The cause seems to be that Wolfsmoon, just like Andromeda 1983, expects a redraw event to tell it when to resize redraw the image, but only receives window arrangement events.

I actually investigated this behaviour back in 2018, but never got to the bottom of it. I’ll see what I can do.

EDIT: It seems that simply sending a redraw event after every arrangement event fixes this. This is not according to spec, but many Glulx games with graphics apparently expect it.

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Yes, the Apple Silicon you requested.

As per the resizing window… it doesn’t really matter: I don’t see many people changing themes during play. But in case you want to further investigate, I used the Simple Graphical Window and Location Images extensions by Emily Short.

In the next release, images will resize properly both when changing themes and resizing the window by dragging the edge. Thanks again for your feedback!

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