Photopia stalling in Parchment

Photopia is one that I frequently test. What exactly went wrong? Was there any error, or did it just stop responding? (Also it’s an I6 game, but that doesn’t matter.)

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Just re-tested it on mobile now: It continues to the first moment of player input, where it says “would you like instructions?”.

Any response causes the whole screen to freak out for a few fractions of a second, black screen, and the game hangs.

Specifically, typing a response to that question is fine, but submitting it is when the hang occurs. No error. Just unresponsive black screen.

Tested this on both versions of Google Chrome on my Android phone.

Is that for the version of Photopia that shows a graphical border? Yeah I can also see that it sometimes stops responding.

IFDB should probably stop recommending it over the Z-Code version. (I’ve now changed which version will be used for IFDB’s play online button.)


I think so; there is a border of some sort when it asks for instructions. It also has a bit that says “if the input is unresponsive, click inside this window”.

Is there a point where the player is meant to choose a version…? I’m tapping the “play online” button in the corner, and that version is simply what is loaded.

I think the first time I ever played Photopia was the Z-Code version because it was a lot simpler, visually, and ran like a dream. This was back in 2014, maybe.

If you refresh the IFDB page then the play online button should now take you to the Z-Code version.

The Glulx version shouldn’t be hanging like that, but also it’s kind of ugly so it shouldn’t be recommended even if it wasn’t bugging out.

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Yes, it works much better in the browser now!! :grin: