ParserComp 2022 - ONE WEEK TO DEADLINE!

Yes, just check the countdown on itch page to see when the deadline is. We’ll also email participants through the itch system to remind them of the imminent deadline and do a bit of housekeeping shortly after the deadline to check everything is present and correct (and visible).

If anyone has their masterpiece all ready and set to go and then falls asleep (through sheer, game crafting induced exhaustion) with their finger hovering over the button and forgets to submit or something, they can get in touch with us directly and we can consider the circumstances.

Here’s hoping for a great crop of games!


I’ll be entering a small puzzley game. Well, it started out small, but after adding all the “what if a player tries to do this?” stuff, it turned out to be much larger than I expected.

Unusually for me, I got it out for beta testing early (a couple of weeks ago) and got some really great feedback from the testers. I’ve been spending the last week or so going through their comments and transcripts. I’m glad of all the innovative things they tried and this will (hopefully) lead to a more robust game. They can expect to see lots of enhancements and a couple of (small) extra puzzles.

Also unusually for me, I got my game page done early. It will just need a last-minute check, uploading the final files and making it public. I need to do that about 12 hours before the submission deadline because of the time zone differences, otherwise I’ll be in bed.