My cat discovered this feature the other day. It freaked me the fuck out.

Hi omeron, thanks for your comments! Based on this page of tests it doesn’t appear that VoiceOver has support for ARIA Live Regions, and as such is still one of those screen readers that I’m not going to work hard to fix.

But I’ll see if I can try it on a mac at uni one day.

Does anyone have any non-accessibility related ideas?

Matt W: Hilarious! My cat has almost activated things on my iPad too! Hopefully you figured out command-f5 toggles VoiceOver, but now you know.

Dannii: Those tests happened with VoiceOver under Leopard, and with Safari 4. Macs now use Snow Leopard, with Safari 5. I have 5.0.2. I went to that page you referenced and I can assure you the ARIA dialogues work, at least the few I tested. Screen readers change constantly.

Yeah, Apple wisely included a help topic titled (approx.) “Why is my computer talking to me?”

I love Parchment.

It would be cool if I could extricate a saved game to save to a flash drive to take home and finish on another computer, or send to an author. (Honestly, I’m not sure I’d use it that much, but there were a couple times recently when it would have come in handy.)

I had some trouble with transcripts, too, but I’m not sure if that was Parchment per se or just the computer I was using, which hates all things downloaded from the internet.

I thought it was worth mentioning here that Parchment now has Glulx support, and a new address:!

I noticed that the saving and recording of transcripts was in “considering” status. As I’m looking to release my game to people who mostly don’t know anything about IF, I’d like to stress how much of a ‘must have’ this feature is for me.

Juhana Leinonen made a hack to save scripts to the server, but it’s not a public release. It would be awesome if I didn’t have to add ‘okay, now type this command, and save the file, and remember that you did that and email it to me when you’re done playing, as well as any other scripts you might have made over the course of play’ to the already considerable IF learning curve.


I am planning to turn that hack into an actual feature and release it later this year. I’m aiming for late spring or early summer if everything goes as planned. If you’re in a hurry and want to use the current version, you can point the players to where XX is the url to your z-code game file (this is an older version of Parchment that doesn’t support Glulx). Some statistics will be available to the public ( and you can e-mail/PM me for the full transcripts. Or preferably if it’s not urgent, skip the hassle and wait for the feature release.

You are my hero/ine, Juhana. I’m writing this as part of an academic project, so most/all of the playerbase is going to be unused to IF. I figure it’ll be an interesting study on how well all the tutorialish stuff I’ve included helps.

Hero. :slight_smile:

I have been using Parchment on my own server, as a way of introducing people to IF.

All of the z formats work great (I use the zcode2js converter) but I can’t seem to get Glulx games to load… either converted or straight as they were created by Inform 7.

I get the error “Parchment could not load load the story. Check your connection, and that the URL is correct.” using the straight xyz.ulx file, and a blank screen after loading if I use the xyz.ulx.js file from the converter.

Is it not possible for me to host Glulx games on my server? Or am I just missing something?

Oh, and I am using the parchment version from 3/24/2011.


Edit to add: Okay, the xyz.ulx.js file is loading… it is just taking about 30 seconds after the screen blanks. I wasn’t waiting that long after the “Parchment is Loading” screen went away. So everything is working. I was just used to faster z-code loads. So, never mind. :slight_smile:

Okay, here is a real issue… :wink:

In The Reliques of Tolti-Aph (game I decided to test with) the status bar is not showing. It shows in Inform, but not Parchment.

Do I need to change something to get it to show? The z-code games all show the status bar.

Try the quixe branch which shows the status line. There are likely to be bugs, so please report them in the bug tracker.

Quixe branch? Do you mean the Quixe branch off of github? Or the src/quixe folder under Parchment for a different quixe.js?

No, Parchment’s quixe branch:

Cool! Thanks, I hadn’t seen this.

Will it still play z-code games as well, or should I install it in another directory for testing Glulx games?

No it plays both. I just ported GlkOte to jQuery, but I haven’t tested it thoroughly so there are still likely to be bugs.

Alright, I will report any problems I find in the bug tracker!

Thanks again!

So far it looks great!

I will torture it more tomorrow and let you know what I find. :wink:

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