Parchment interpreter not saving games

Hi all,

I am having trouble saving games across browsing sessions using the Parchment interpreter to play games like Anchorhead. I type “save” and it says “Ok” and if I reload the page, I can start where I left off. However, if I close the browser and reopen it and try to load the game, it just says “Restore failed.” I am glad to have discovered this before getting too far into the game. I really want to play some great IF but I can’t if my progress can’t be saved. Does anyone have the same problem and/or know how to solve it? I am using Chromium 32 on Linux, but I have the same issue on Firefox 24.

Hopefully I am posting to the right subforum. Thanks.

Parchment saves a game to the URL (the part after the #). You’ll need to bookmark the game in order to come back to it.

I usually copy the url and email it to myself so I can continue from wherever machine I’m in.

sadly, iplayif is now in the games category in the proxy back at work. See? Bad things happen when you ditch literature…

Yes, but good things happen when you catch silence. :smiley:

(Silence was one of 4 antonyms I found for literature. Weird!)

Back on topic, I’ve had trouble with restoring Parchment saves by pasting the URL back in. Can you check this? When I paste it into my browser window the “Parchment is loading” screen flashes up and then I get a blank.

(Try to check that the URL is really what it’s supposed to be.)

Yeah, something’s gone wrong and the VM is crashing. Is this the only game that you’ve found that doesn’t work?

It was the first one I checked. (But IIRC I’ve had this trouble sometimes in the past.)

It works for some games, but maybe not all.

Unfortunately I’ve lost some of the interest I had for Parchment, and haven’t spent much time on it this past year at all. I wish there were more people working on it…

Wow, thanks for all the responses.

Hmm, when I posted the topic the URL wasn’t changing when I typed “save”. Now it seems to be working, so apparently the problem solved itself? I’ll check back if it fails again.

I’m having this same issue. I tried playing City of Secrets by Emily short. I’m so very near the ending game and have been dutifully saving. But now it’s saying ‘restore failed’. Can anyone help? I can download the data file of the saves, but they open as blank text edit docs. No idea what to do with them. I should’ve just played through Spatterlight. :frowning:

If when you download the savefile it’s a blank file, then that sounds like the same issue as Dialog stores data very inefficiently in localStorage · Issue #131 · curiousdannii/parchment · GitHub. In short, the browser’s storage gets full, and Parchment hasn’t been smart enough to clear space to make new saves. Have you been using Parchment a lot, and playing lots of games in it? I haven’t yet got around to making it clear out old autosaves, but that would be the most obvious thing to try. It won’t make the failed save exist though. But maybe you have an older save you could use?