Paid tutor of i7

I am looking for a tutor to tutor me through learning i7.
I am looking for 5 hours a week, preferably one hour per day.

Could you please let me know your experience, prices per hour and prices per week, You can either comment it below or email me here:

Brian posted just last month! Maybe you can work something out with him.

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Thank you Dannii. I have a degree in mathematics, and I have a good understanding of computing. I was more looking for a crash course of someone telling me everything I need to know about i7 as opposed to teaching me basics.

Yeah, talk to @mathbrush: I’m pretty sure his post was trying to sound friendly to complete beginners and not to say that he couldn’t teach the material at a faster rate.

Thanks for the notices! I’ve sent a DM to check if I can be useful.

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