Inform/Twine tutoring or consultancy

I’ve been a math tutor for a while now, and it’s fun. I’ve also been teaching teens how to make IF games, and it’s also fun.

I’m going to start offering IF tutoring for beginners. Not beta testing (which I do for free) or technical problems (which this forum is better for!). But for people that don’t know much about programming and want to be able to make a complete Twine game of Inform game.

Rates would be $40/hr in increments of an hour. Would be happy to do other kinds of IF consultancy (like coding puzzles or something). Let me know!

-ps. I know quite a few people on this board who would be better qualified for this, so I’ve put off posting this, but this is mostly for people who are beginning and just need someone to listen and guide.


Does your consulting include Inform 6?

Thank you, Jeff

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I wish! Unfortunately I have 0 experience in it. I could see others on the forum being able to provide that service, though.

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