Our First Grant Program is Open to Applicants!

I’m delighted to announce on behalf of the Grants Committee that IFTF is opening its very first grant program! We are seeking to disburse small amounts of money to projects serving the interactive fiction community. Applications are now open!

Our budget for this initial run is $3,000 USD. From this pool, we can grant as much as $1,000 per accepted application, although requesting smaller amounts allows us to support more projects. To preserve our volunteer bandwidth, we will not consider funding projects needing fewer than $150. We will ask you to submit a simple budget to back up the amount you are asking for.

As mentioned above, the goal of the grant program is to support projects that benefit the interactive fiction community at large—not just tools and technologies for developing interactive fiction but also projects that enhance and preserve the artform and culture of interactive fiction. Be creative! To get a sense of what we’re looking for, I recommend reading our mission and goals as an organization and our existing programs in this vein. Those who are given a grant will be asked to submit a report nine months after receiving funds, meaning our funding is best-suited for projects that will be accomplished in under one year.

Please note that those directly involved in the grant process (i.e. Grant Admin Committee members, Grant Advisors, IFTF Board Members) cannot apply. If you are connected to someone involved in the process, please disclose that in your application so we can make appropriate plans to avoid conflicts of interest. Those who have been banned from IFTF activities are not welcome to apply.

To apply - as well as learn more about application requirements, the selection process, as well as what happens next if you get a grant - please head out to our grant guidelines page. Applications are open until October 27, 2023, and we will publicly announce accepted projects by January 31, 2024.

The launch of our first grant program is a trial run; the response and interest that we get from this call of proposals, as well as how the process goes and feedback from applicants, will shape our approach to subsequent rounds and future funding.

If you have any questions, please reach out to grants@iftechfoundation.org. I can’t wait to see the ideas the community comes up with!