Opening Doors I7

I’ll be spending a lot of time walking into walls. Do closed doors have their own custom messages when I forget to open them before walking through?

I may be mistaken but in Inform games do doors not automatically get opened by the player? Unless they are locked of course…

Inform will try to open doors. You can customize the message for failing to open a locked door, though.

There are a ton of these messages in Inform’s Standard Rules, and most of them are technically easy to change. The real issue is finding time to do it, hunting down the responses, and writing a message that will make sense and be tonally correct through the whole game. You could write messages that fire based on conditions, but that can spiral out of control quickly.

I’ve discovered that a fun/interesting dimension to this type of writing is that it could potentially never end. Eventually, you just have to draw the line somewhere.

I have a special fondness for death messages, perhaps a sentimental one in this age of mercy.

So far as good news goes: I’m getting a po’ boy tonight! My favorite take-out treat. I live in Acadiana, where po’ boys are serious business. Probably shrimp, but we’ll see.


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If I take a picture of the sandwich, should I post it here or in the other thread

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I’m sorry I didn’t notice that! Your post about door messages was a good topic to move out. Let me know if you can’t edit that back to the “positive/neutral” thread and I can help :slight_smile:


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