One-way door?

I am just trying to debug the story I am writing. For some reason I can walk east through a door when opened but not back to the west. Here is the description of the door:

energy field is an unopenable undescribed door.  energy field is east of Inside_the_Library and west of Reading_Room.  "An energy field crackles and hisses along the eastern side of the room, a barrier separating you from the library proper."

I can move east through the door but if I try to come back west through it the game tells me:

You can't go that way.

Any suggestions of where I can begin problem-solving why the two-way door is a one-way door?

I believe the library specifically prevents you from going through undescribed doors. Why is it undescribed?

Good question. This is some of the first code I ever wrote with Inform and so I didn’t think about that. Thank you for the suggestion!

I swear I’m just going to start replying “Never use undescribed” every time someone mentions it on the forum. It may take ten or fifteen years of that to undo the damage, mind you.


My crusade against “after reading a command” is never-ending.

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Sure, you eschew after reading a command and just write your own for reading a command rules. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Yup. this was me recommending the use of undescribed to take advantage of that just a couple weeks ago.


Heh. I use it all the time as I want complete control over the room desc.

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