Inform best practices mud wrestling: ‘undescribed’

I use it all the time, too. Why is it so bad? It’s never caused a problem that I know of, and it’s super handy when I don’t want something to be scenery but I want it to be, well, undescribed.

And I’m batting 1000 in doing things that the code wizards hate. I use this all the time, too. I have huge “after reading a command” sections in my WIP right now, although 90% of it is choosing numbers from a menu and I do believe you gave that your stamp of approval. The other 10% is saying one-time magic words.

No idea about why a door behaves that way because I don’t use Inform doors anymore-- precisely because they do weird things. How about just saying:

Instead of going west from X room:
    move player to Y room (or now the player is in Y room).