Nice tool for structuring the story

Hi people,

I just started with the setup for my first interactive story so I’m not sure if I go about setting up my story the right way. When I started out I started writing directly in Inform 7. But that doesn’t really work for me, probably because the Inform 7 language isn’t quite natural to me yet. So I decided to write my storyline first and transform it to IF later. Today I stumbled up an online writing tool that looks very useful to me for writing that storyline. It’s called Yarny (see link below), its a free online tool for writing and managing stories. The cool thing is that is has these special snippets for describing people, places and tools. I use these to describe the things I need to create in my world in Inform7. Then there are other snippets for writing and structuring the actual story.

This all seems very useful to me for writing IF so I thought I might share this with you.


Did you write this tool that you just stumbled across?

Just stumbled across the tool. I tried it today to get a grip on my story and I really like it so far. Mind you I’m a very inexperienced IF writer so there might be different and better ways to go about this.

Ok. I felt I had to ask. Thanks for pointing it out.