New Year Resolutions?

Starting this thread by mentioning @sophia’s super sweet thread last year about New Year Resolutions, which is partly the inspiration for this one :green_heart:

I’ve been going over what I’ve done this past year, just to see if I accomplished last year’s resolutions (:woman_shrugging: kinda did, kinda didn’t), and to set myself some goals for this new year (they’ll be the same :joy: with the addition of playing more IF games).

Do yall have any good resolution for 2024? Some IF goals for this year? Things you’d like to do this year?


Only IF goals are interesting, but this is to make a shorter, less buggy game for either this year or next year and aim for not just an audience of about 10 people!

Also not to spend too much time on a laptop coding and more guitar and other stuff :stuck_out_tongue:


for IF:

  • reach at least 50% completion of my main major WIP, Isekai (currently a tad above 25%)
  • give love to the other major WIPs
  • partecipate to non-itching :wink: competitions
  • decide on, and if positive, develop an extended, 2.x release of Creative Cooking
  • release some non-major WIP (not necessarily related to the partecipating above…)
  • plot some new IF…

non-IF related:

  • give love and drive good sense to my sister & nieces
  • acqure more books
  • improve the cat-handling procedures (ok, this is sliiighty IF-related…)
  • acquire more books
  • monitor the increasing fuckup (I don’t mince words…) in the Mediterranean
  • acquire more books
  • vote at the next EU elections this summer
  • acquire more books
  • get a new floor-to-ceiling bookshelves
  • write the resolution list for 2025

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.


From last year’s thread:

Success on all three counts! I’m not sure if I’d call the psaltery finished since I still need to 3D print the new stand, but it’s distinctly playable!

For 2024, I want to get at least two papers published and present at at least two conferences, since that’s been an uphill climb in my field and I really need some more publications before I get my doctorate. Then continue drawing. and…hmm. Finish and release something for fun.


Thanks for asking Manon!

My IF goals:

Probably the same as yours, specifically on playing some more IF and most importantly, start and submit Welcome to Hellwaters for IF Comp 24. And if I don’t, try to play and review every game submitted to IF Comp 24, much like what I did recently.

My non IF, real world goals:

To get a proper full time job :frowning:

I know that this place tends to be pretty supportive and encouraging, which is why I’m putting this up.


I’m going to be That Guy and say “monthly resolutions work better!!!” because I think I had a lot of goals last year to finally update certain things I’d written and I didn’t.

I’d like to take the time to update one entry per month, big or small.

I want to get to 150 contribution points on CASA ( which was a goal last year that fizzled out once I got more creative goals. But I got enough done, it should be easier this year.

The thing is I have other goals beyond text adventures so we’ll see how it goes. If those take over, that’s not all bad.


Well lesseee… Last year I registered my intent to participate in Spring Thing 2023 but failed to get even close to finishing my entry “Pack Rat”. I basically had to go back to the drawing board and rethink my strategy. I will now target IFComp 2024.

Now I do want to participate in Spring Thing, and Pinkunz got me thinking when we beta tested my One King game at clubfloyd:

[clubfloyd] Pinkunz says, "You know,
with the limited verb set, this would translate to choice fairly well."

So I now registered my intent to enter a Twine version of my One King game for Spring Thing 2024, working title “One King to Twine them All”. (If @VictorGijsbers has a suggestion for a better title, I am all ears :smiley: )


Whoops. I wrote 4.5 reviews, and I don’t think my game will even make the deadline for this year’s IFComp now that it’s been pushed forward a month. But I do resolve to start playtesting it this year! And I have a couple partial games I’d like to complete in 2024, too.


Manon, I love that you’re lowkey holding us all accountable for last year’s resolutions now that it’s officially too late to do anything about them.
Very bopcore. :newspaper_roll:

I have a ton of things on the back burner, but I need to get my house in order first. Literally and figuratively. My only solid goals this year are to move into and repair that house, make amends in the best way I can for the kindness shown to us over the last year, and to build up some common sense resiliency and savings to prevent becoming a burden to others going forward.

Accomplishing those goals will give me a freer hand to consistently give back to the IF community in the way I should anyway.

Thank you again for helping us limp our way through this last year. It has been a profoundly humbling experience and we would not have made it otherwise. You know who you are.


So, completely fell on my face for the art goal, but I did do a lot of journalling, with an emphasis on gratitude alongside emotional processing and catharsis, and definitely smashed the goal of releasing 1 IF game (did 8 mini ones, yippee! Plus some other stuff, like zines and TTRPG supplementals and poems and such.) 2/3 ain’t half bad!

IF wise, I would like to keep working on what I really hope, fingers crossed, becomes my long term writing project. I have never really been inclined to longform works, novels or otherwise- but I have released ~80k of serialized fiction in the form of short stories and other short to medium term projects have shown me I totally can, theoretically.

Other than that, and the givens of like, not dying- in my personal life, I would like to continue to develop an understanding of relationships that’re healthy for me. These last few years have been, uh, abyssal on that front- but I’m very lucky to have entered 2024 with friends I love and a good circle of friendly acquaintances.

The Camp meows have been really instrumental in demonstrating to me what it’s like to have reciprocal care and consideration in friendships, and the Heph meows have been lovely and reassuring when I reach out in turn. The Forum meows at large have been really wonderful in terms of feeling a sense of a broader community, and the end of 2023 showed me just how compassionate people among our numbers can be, and that’s really lovely to treasure.

I love my friends. I’m lucky to be loved by them too. I hope this year is good to us all, and that we continue to be, too.


For 2024 I’m going to be more forgiving of my own mistakes, and allow myself more space to fail gracefully.

Had a conversation with someone recently and it made me realize how brutal I can be on myself sometimes, which only makes me more paralyzed and error-prone later.

I’m still going to acknowledge mistakes, of course, but the idea is to not visit cruelty on myself over them.

I feel like during 2023, I’ve gotten enough of a foundation to make this possible, so now it’s time to have a bit more intent about it in 2024.


And in the Darkness Twine Them.

Makes your list of games look good:

Onno Brouwer
One King to Loot Them All
And in the Darkness Twine Them



Oh, also, I wanna write more, even just small things.


I personally am not a fan of new year resolutions. I have some wishes, but not because of new year. The wishes/plans just happen to fall into these days.

They are quite ordinary:

  • Live healthier
  • Write an IF

Looking at last year’s, I did what I set out to do with IF. Which was to publish Hand Me Down, which went pretty well.

I only did two pieces of 3d art, but they were much better than previous ones, plus I did attempt one per season.

As with last year, I don’t do resolutions but yearly themes. Also with last year, I’m still thinking of this year’s. And last year’s :sweat_smile:

I’m in the research phase of a new IF work, which should be markedly less work to complete than HMD. To Future Brett: sorry for saying this.

My stretch goal is to have two games done this year, or at least deep into development/testing.

I want to play more IF. And do reviews because they are nice for the community.

I feel like I should volunteer to the IFTF or something similar, but maybe not this year. I’ll keep supporting them though.


I’m going to implement a text editor with running word count (and character count and line count). This will help me pace myself. Just a simple one, strictly for text data entry.


2023 was the worst year of my life, full of the panic and mayhem and constant grief that accompanies caretaking a parent who is descending into the violent, terrifying madness of dementia and, eventually, death. I was just hollowed out by the stress of it. I swear I could feel years of my life just peeling off.

This year, I’m going to try to remember how to live for me and for my sweetheart, to have my life be about me. Nothing so grand as specific goals. Just not to cringe when the phone rings at night, thinking I have to drive to a bloody scene, but that it might just be a friend calling to catch up.


This was not really on purpose :joy:
I’m just a bit nosey and wanted to know other peep’s goals for this year :stuck_out_tongue:


I hope to finish “Miss Duckworthy’s School for Magic-Infested Young People” ready for IF Comp 2024. And maybe even hit the top ten again! But if not 2024, then 2025.

I hope to get the massive beast that is the post-comp “Fine Felines” at least one chapter closer to being finished.

I hope to know roughly what I’ll do to expand “Bali B&B” for its post-comp release.

And I hope to put together a non-fiction book about the history of my church, since they’ve already paid me to do it (suckersssss!)

My life improved drastically in 2023 thanks to some new medications (I have fibromyalgia, diabetes, depression/anxiety, etc). Plus I had a couple of positive experiences that mostly over-wrote a very bad experience I had in 2022.

So my physical and mental health are better than they’ve been in ages. So much so I’ve been able to work over fifteen hours per week. For many years I’ve been hardly able to work at all (other than writing, which is why I’m sometimes incredibly mercenary about it) so this is a huge deal. I have massive debts that I hope to soon be able to properly start progressing on.

And as of today, I have started a kind of Cat Cafe here in Canberra. Why not, since I’m already fostering kittens and inviting people over to play with them. My main job is babysitting, so this would be babysitting but only for kids 10+… and adults. I’m told I can charge a LOT for a cat cafe so perhaps I shall abruptly become rich? If so I’d really really like to live in a larger house so all my many small businesses and charities have enough space to exist. In which case maybe I’ll move house this year?

I can’t make a resolution about whether the cat cafe (“Tabby Time”) succeeds or fails, because small businesses depend so much on luck. I CAN resolve to not go crazy on up-front costs at least.

Here’s the six kittens I’m fostering at the moment! Amazingly, they’re from three different litters.

(If you happen to be good at insurance paperwork in the ACT, I’ll be your bestest friend. PM me.)


Because it’s a cafe, and you have to go through so much regulation paperworks that’ll make your head spin 3 ways! Or so I’m told.

Edit: I expect to see lots of pics, you hear? :smiley_cat::smile_cat::joy_cat::heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat::kissing_cat::grin: