New retro game: "Dorm: Adventure at the 8-Bit Assembly"

That is so cool. I’ll play it on BBC!


That’s amazing. I saw the download added to the IFDB page, and I added the “BBC Micro” tag too. Best of all, adding the tag lead me to the list of BBC Micro games, and there are a lot that I want to play. I do love me some vintage text adventurin’.

Presumably when I play them the voice in my mind will have British accent.


My introduction to the BBC Micro was L: A Mathemagical Adventure. I had seen it on random IFDB searches and the title intrigued me so much that I finally downloaded the BeebEm BBC Micro Emulator.

Love the thing…

L: A Mathemagical Adventure - Details (


Do you want an unmanageably long list of Beeb text adventures? Of course you do!:

Unmanageably long list of Beeb text adventures

But I second Rovarsson’s recommendation of L: A Mathemagical Adventure:


If you follow the link to the list of BBC text adventures in the previous post, you’ll discover my game (Duck! Me?) on the first page. I only mention this because the version on that site is release 1, the one with the game breaking bugs. My advice at this time is not to play it.

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Got my copy of Dorm all made up. Sorry, it is a C64 version I made with Ozmoo Online. I don’t have a Apple II and could not find a way to make a Atari 8-bit version(is it possible?) Congrats and Thanx Carrington for making the game! Looking forward to getting through it!


I love that label! Very cool.

It should be possible to make an Atari version, since that’s one of the supported platforms for PunyInform targeting (I think, anyway). I know someone already made a BBC Micro version, and I made the Apple disk. So that makes retro platforms so far. Will it be Sinclair next, or the supposedly-a-real-thing-but-I-don’t-believe-it SAM Coupé? :wink:


I’ve sent a PM with, at least in theory, an Atari version.


“at least in theory, an Atari version”

I hope that worked out ands gets posted somewhere, would love to try it.


Finally finished the game… What an effort by @Carrington. I loved the feelies and the companion web site. That really added a little something extra to the game :slight_smile:


Ooo! Could I persuade you to send me a disk Snail Mail?

My Commodore’s “F7/F8” key doesn’t work, and EVERY single D64 program I’ve run into uses that key to begin decoding – so my D64 programs are inaccessible to me!

Would you be willing to send me a C64 disk? I do have programs that will let me play the “*.z3” file in Android, but I’d really like to play it on my good old Commodore-128! :yum:

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I want to review but the game but, I can’t complete the game :slight_smile: I figure I’ll get there eventually.

Something that will probably help is – as @Draconis pointed out to me, which was quite revelatory – if you use certain interpreters, you can get UNDO in a Z-Code game even if the game doesn’t support it out of the box.

Gargoyle’s Z-Code interpreter is Bocfel (I didn’t know this until I looked into it. I didn’t even know what Bocfel was 'til Draconis mentioned it). And it has all these cool tricky commands you can use (scroll down to META COMMANDS section) like UNDO, TRANSCRIPTing in games that don’t support it, like Dorm, and quicksaving by poking data to the stack:

PS - I briefly played Zork armed with these new tricks and, while life was better, I realised the reason I’ll never play Zork properly is because the rooms (CONSISTENTLY) don’t mention the exits.


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Now that the source code is available, I’ve managed to build an Atari version which fits on a single disk (by using ZAbbrevMaker to save ~3.5Kb). I’ve sent this to @Carrington via PM.

Also there is now sufficient space left to enable the extended metaverbs option.