New release: Escape from Norwood (mobile text-based adventure)

My solo project for the past 3 years was just released to the Apple store and Google store!

This text adventure draws on 50 years of tradition and innovation to build an original and modern formula fit for touch screens. Among its treats are an open world that lives on without your input, dynamic contextual actions, comprehensive inventory and diary and uncanny spells for surprising effects.

It is set in a contemporary fantasy world with a social and economical take on magic and where the only discrimination is based upon the order of birth.

Links, trailer, screenshots and more under


I’ve had a look on the Play store, it looks very impressive for a solo project I must say! I’ll give it a go.

A friend of mine lives in West Norwood and I sent her a link, with the message “FINALLY! A interactive fiction game set in Croydon.” But I take it this is a different Norwood…


Thanks for your kind feedback, I hope you like it and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions (or if you encounter one of those dreaded bugs).

Indeed it is not the same Norwood, which I admit I have not visited: do you recommend it? :slight_smile:


It’s what you might call an “up and coming” area, a bit gritty, but it is home to the Craft Beer Cabin and a brand new cheese shop called Little Mouse. It’s not so big on cardinal aelic callings, but it is within walking distance of Crystal Palace Park.


I too can play Escape from Norwood (visions of escape from New York…)

“Craft Beer Cabin”. Must check it out! I usually do the ones south of Crystal Palace Park, like BR3WERY and the 3 hounds. I don’t go to the Metropolis anymore after getting a pint of cleaning fluid.

edit: Douglas Fir’s not bad also.


I’ll be esaping from the Norwood area tomorrow afternoon if anyone’s in the area?


I’d be up for a pint!

@Feyn, I sincerely apologise for derailing your thread, I will definitely be checking out your game!



Firstly yes, sorry for going off topic here. The game does look interesting. The maps look really quite cool indeed. will be checking it out.

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Can be in any of those places tomorrow from 14.30

Maybe try this craft beer cabin or the 3 hounds, if that’s nearer.

All welcome.


The Craft Beer Cabin is easier for me. And closer for my friend if she wants to join us (if that’s alright), it’s her local.

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Great! The Craft Beer Cabin. Not been there, so that will be cool.

And, we can escape from Norwood (with apologies).

I’ll be there from 14.30 (ish).

Of course, anyone also in the Norwood area is more than welcome.


Won’t be able to join you tomorrow, I have a channel to cross, but I do hope you people have a good time :slight_smile:


Is it the city of Norwood that is completely surrounded by the city of Cincinnati, Ohio? :wink:

Just bought a copy.


Not really, no, unless it happens to be in an empire full of people gifted with different kinds of magic?

Thank you, hope you enjoy it and don’t hesitate to reach out!

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Congrats on your launch! The trailer and screenshots look awesome. The link to the Google play store seems broken, I couldn’t access it. Nor was I able to search for it on the play store… Can you help out here? I would love to play the game. FYI, I am logging in from South Korea, perhaps there are regional restrictions? Thanks

Ah, yes actually for some reason I need an agreement from the Korean government for it to be available on the Play Store and from I gathered it costs ₩240,000, so I wanted first to be sure that people would actually want to play it there: thanks for your message! I will look into it ASAP and keep you updated. FYI this restriction does not apply on Apple App Store (for what it’s worth)


For anyone curious (and/or reading this from the future), this is about US$190, as of Feb 2023.

Is it specifically because of something in the game, or is this a cost of putting any game on the Play Store? Are you a Korean dev, or would someone from the USA also need to pay this to publish?

Asking because I’ve taken a few mobile design courses and a few of them required a student to publish to different places, and sometimes the required costs/actions on these platforms were a bit awkward.

EDIT: Also that cost is pretty steep. I can see why you were waiting.

This showed up after I filled out the rating questionnaire from Google. I imagine some of my answers raised a flag on the Korean side that sent me on this trail but this is only my best guess. I’m based in France

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