New release: Escape from Norwood (mobile text-based adventure)

Ok, so I have lived quite a few years already, paid my taxes as a single person, married person, with or without children, I have bought and sold real estate, had to deal with successions, created my own company, all of that in over-administered France.
Nothing prepared me for submitting a GRAC rating form to South-Korean authorities. Joey, we were not ready for this :scream:
Sang, I have asked my bank for the transfer and I hope I can share good news with you toward the end of next week!


Interesting. So how do you get a GRAC rating? Is this something you must do yourself, then submit this to the app stores. Or can the app stores do this for you, since they ask all the questions about content anyhow.

The first step is to go through the platform stores, but then sometimes there is this extra setp through the GRAC website.

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Hey there everyone!
How is it going in Norwood? Did you guys give the game a try?
As for publication in Korea, my submission was paused for unknown reasons and the GRAC is not responding to my messages, Iā€™m afraid this is not going to be a piece of cake.