New Fablement reader app for iOS and Android

Hey all, I’m Sean and I wanted to share my first app I have been making for the last few months. This is a companion reader app to my website I developed,, which I created to let anyone write interactive stories with no programming experience. It’s similar to twine but even less programming required as everything is a drag and drop interface. More from this previous post.

The app is complete free to use and have no ads or in app purchases.
It also has some pretty nice features like

  • swipe gestures to change font or go back a page
  • synced system dark mode
  • picture stories
  • track story endings & achievements

If you try it out, please let me know what you think! Thanks and happy reading.




I checked it out! I really like the home screen, the scrolling is smooth, the design is good and the color palette looks nice!

Unfortunately, I could not load any of the stories. Maybe I would have been able if I waited for a few more minutes, but I’m impatient when it comes to apps. I can go to the screen of a selected story and click on “read the latest version”, but then I get empty screen with a bit ugly “loading…” at the top right. It has not changed for 2 minutes so I closed the story and tried a few others, but the result was the same.
I’ve got an old Motorola (G5) and Android 8.1.0, not sure if this helps you troubleshoot.

Hi Lei! Sorry about that. I had a bug on the server end and just fixed it. So everything should be working now! Thanks for the heads up.

What’s the best story in fablement? (Is there an “admirable” story available today?)

Nice to hear from you again Dan! And I have not yet gotten that “admirable” story you spoke of yet. Everything written is by fellow amateur writers such as myself.

Indeed, it works now for me :slight_smile:

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