New categories suggestions

If a time of new things, so we’ve made a few new categories and split up some others: for example, there’s now a Twine category, one for events, and we reorganised the playing category.

If you have any further suggestions, lets hear them!

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Since you can post in parent categories, perhaps Competitions - General and General Design Discussions are no longer needed.

Forum announcements feels to me like it could be merged with Site feedback

I would have suggested splitting hints into its own category but you already did that :+1:

Good suggestions. Forum Announcements is technically where we actually announce stuff, and Feedback is for users to post questions. Dual bandwidth!

Competitions - General can probably go - I’ll bring that up.

General Design Discussions seems a little more specific than its parent Authoring, but is a definite possibility. We’ll take a look.

The “About” post in the TADS category points to ChoiceScript. The URL should be

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I also split up the technical category a bit today, so that there’s a tools and a specifications sub category. I’m also wondering if a development system subcategory would be useful there too.

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Under technical development please consider adding experimental systems as a sub-category.

Is there a specific gain from splitting “experimental systems” apart from “development systems” if that becomes a category that benefits from the division? Isn’t a good deal of technical development by definition “experimental”? Meaning who reading the forum is going to benefit that there is a categoric division between “experimental” and “non experimental” development systems? (I’m all for it if it makes sense and provides discoverability…)

One thing we could consider that I’ve thought about is employing tags as “adjectives” for posts if people want to apply them. Filtering by tag is an option from the hamburger menu.

Without being redundant and repeating categories, we could consider tags like “experimental” “sound” “graphics” “css” “html” etc. that could be attached to any post in any category which would then be searchable.

They might not be useful as a bulk search alone, but if you wanted to, say search for posts about using CSS with Inform, or experimental Twine code, it might simplify that.

Calling it development systems (or just systems) would be better, but its not currently on the menu. So I’ll amend my request to that. I think there is a difference between tools and systems.

I would love seeing tags. They are so useful on StackOverflow. Posters should be allowed to tag their own posts.

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I’ve made a Development Systems sub category.