Neurocracy: Wikipedia as IF

Happy Wednesday to everyone!

Two years ago, I dropped in to check whether an early project qualified as IF

Last year, the answer to that query was such a resounding yes that the project took third place in 2019’s IntroComp

And now it’s this year! So I come to you once more with an update regarding Neurocracy, an IF experience that tells a sci-fi story inside and between the articles of a futuristic Wikipedia

There’s now a website at which goes into greater detail as to what the project has turned into thanks to the lovely feedback received from the community here

The notion behind Neurocracy’s interactivity was always that its story would be told by people coming together to debate implications and interpretations embedded across the various wikis

If that sounds like something you’d like to help out with, we would be delighted to have you! Ahead of Neurocracy’s release later in the year, we’re testing out an early access model where you can check out the first episodes as they’re being finalised. For that purpose, we’ve set up a Discord server right here

And of course, thank you for the kind words you’ve offered Neurocracy so far! It wouldn’t exist as it does today without your generous support :heart: