Neo-Twiny Jam '24 - Over $600 raised! THANK YOU!

Last year, @cchennnn and I brought back the Twiny jam, the event that would start the Neo-Interactives. It was great! We got lots of submission and we raised over $500 for charity.

June is approaching soon, and with it, so does another edition of the…

Neo-Twiny Jam

Like last year, the rules are pretty much the same:

  • Do not write more than 500 words!
    • Sound, graphics, code do not count in total wordcount.
    • Error messages for parser do not count
  • You can use any program/system you want as long as it is IF at the end.
  • You can also write in any language!
  • NSFW content is accepted, as long as content warnings are indicate in the submission
  • No AI/LLM, Hate, or Spam entries.

Your submission will be matched into a charity donation!

Like last year, I will be matching the number of submitted entries and donate it to an LGBTQ+ charity: the National Center for Transgender Equality (or TransEquality).

Thanks to all participants and super cool donors, we raised over $500 for EqualityFlorida. Let’s try to match it this year!

If you would also like to donate to an LGBTQ+ cause, anonymously or publicly, matching the submissions or a stand-alone donation, let me know (so we can coordinate things) :slight_smile:

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Ooh, I thought this was Twine only from the name but if I can also use other tools I may very well give it a shot! Now all I need is an actual idea :sweat_smile:


The original Twiny Jam was Twine only, but we opened it to all programs/systems when we did it last year, because it’s more fun!


Glad to see this back!

…So, could someone theoretically submit a “silent” Twine game that has only interactive visuals, and no words of any kind? In that case there would technically be no limit on how large it can be, right? Asking for a friend…


It’s been a year since I did June 1998, Sydney. Time to boot up Twine.


Let us convey the cabal and we’ll get back to you :wink:


Way back in my days at the SCP Foundation (almost a decade ago now), I remember someone doing something similar to circumvent a 500-word limit in a contest, making an article conveyed only through graphics. It ended up winning.


The cabal has met and decided that it would be pushing our definition of Interactive Fiction (which is already pretty loose).

as long as the piece can be considered Interactive Fiction (i.e. the game is interactive, and its focus is on the text).

If your visual does include text (like your Evisceratedgirl entry last year), then it would be fine (and the word would count in the word count). If there is truly no text at all, then we would pass on that one.

Hope this clears things up!


Hey, thanks for running these every month! I want to join this time. :slight_smile:


Has it really been a decade now since ●●|●●●●●|●●|●?


Almost! Ten years next July.


Thanks for the clarification!

I read the article a while ago and it’s great. My plan was for something pretty different, more like a silent point and click than anything, but if anything like ●●|●●●●●|●●|● came out for this jam it’d be really fun.

(If anyone doesn’t know the article, here’s the link to ●●|●●●●●|●●|●. I’m not sure how much contextual information on the SCP Foundation you’d need to understand it, but it’s a clever concept.)

Also, almost ten years? Time flies or something. That article felt new to me, but now it’s one of the classics, it looks like.


I was thinking of submitting something again this year. I noticed it says no AI or LLMs. Does this include for any images in the game? (I am not intending to embed any text in my images).

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This includes any images. Creative works using AI or LLMs are not welcome in any of the Neo-Interactives’ events. I was, and remain, a firm proponent on the team behind this stance.


Seems clear enough. I’ll try doodling on my ipad for any images then.


Sounds good! If you’re interested in some drawing reference books, a few forum members have expressed interest in picking up the hobby and I’ve made some suggestions in the past.


The link on the site with text: “Discuss on the IntFiction Forum” doesn’t point to anywhere. (I was using it to try to get back here and noticed.)

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Happy Pride everyone!!

And a Happy Neo-Twiny Jam submission day!!


I just tried it and it brought me right back to this topic. Someone must have fixed it in the meantime.

@pinkunz Yeah, it’s working now.

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