Neo-Twiny Jam '24 - Over $600 raised! THANK YOU!

Finished my submission:

Now, I can play video games without guilt – until the next jam I’m in, anyway.


Manon should the event be June 1st 2024 to July 1st 2024? Currently the jam event has a duration of one (1) hour from June 1st 12AM to June 1st 1AM for me

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??? It’s correct on itch tho?

Edit: lol u meant here on the forum. Should be fixed


We are just a bit before the halfway mark, and already

we passed the 50 submission mark!

I’ve been slowly adding them to the IFDB, you can edit them if I missed some information or add tags!! And also… reviews!

I’ve been keeping track of some stats with submissions and already:

  • 1 creator submitted 3 entries!
  • 8 creators have submitted 2 entries (soon more!)
  • 30 other authors have also submitted something!

On the game side, we have:

  • 2 parsers
  • half a dozen entries made with Visual Novel programs
  • 10 different system/program/format used

Since the announcement of the jam, we’ve had a donation pledge from Sarah W.(@malacostraca,our returning donor :green_heart: ), @KATan (who will be donating to MermaidUK), and an anonymous donor.

And this also means… thanks to those cool donors and all the submissions, we’ve raised so far… approx, accounting for exchange rate


Let’s try to smash last year’s 124 entry count!
Come submit for a good cause!


Added my take on making choices matter…

Losing Track by obrouwer (


Only one little more and we’ll pass 60 entries!

Let’s do itttt!


A few days later, and @sophia submitted the 70th entry!

We’re over half way the submission deadline, and last year’s count!
Let’s gooo!


We just passed 80!!

Only 40 more submissions so we can reach last year’s count!


I finished off my entry today. I thought I was only going to edit it down a little over the next week… turns out its actually 910 words without code :confounded:

Can I reduce this game’s wordcount in half and have it functional? Probably not. Wish me luck :stuck_out_tongue:


If you still have free entry slots, you can make it… two entries :wink:


It just seems so short to divide in two without a good break point between the “chapters”. I’ve got it back to 730 words when I get another chance I’ll see if I can chop it back more somehow or do something else with it :slight_smile:


One little week left!

(and we just passed 90~)


Thanks to @Jacic, we just passed 100 entries!!
We’re so close to break the submission count!


Got my entry in just before the lock, phew!


The deadline having just passed, we’ll be finishing our tallying and checks, and contacting our amazing donors shortly.

A more official post will be done soon (with stats and stuff), but already…

Thank you for participating!!

And helping us crush last year’s entry count!


Wow so many entries! Thank you to everyone who organised this and donated :slight_smile:


It is with great pleasure that I announce the end of the 2024 edition of the Neo-Twiny Jam!

You can find all entries on

They will soon be all listed on the IFDB.

A huge THANK YOU to each and everyone of you, who donated, who submitted, who commented, who reviewed, and who shared! Thanks to all of you, we managed to break last year’s record, both in submissions and raised donations!

Thanks to all your efforts, and the record breaking 146 submissions, we managed to…

… raise ~$618 for LGBT organisations!

(give or take exchange rates)

This includes donations to A4TE*:

  • from an anonymous donor with $150.00-
  • Sarah Wilson (@malacostraca - Passerine) with $146.00-
  • from an anonymous donor with $50.00-
  • (and my personal donation of $147.00-)

*The National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE - TransEquality) and Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund (TLDEF) recently became Advocates for Trans Equality (A4TE).

to the Trevor Project:

  • from Jacqueline A. Lott (@Jacqueline - web) with $50.00-
  • (and my personal donation of $50.00-)

to MermaidsUK:

You can find our accountability post with confirmation of donation on Tumblr:

We hope to see you all again next year!

For some fun stats!

This year, we saw an increase in all our numbers:

  • 205 sign-ups (+43)
  • 105 participants (+4)
  • 146 entries (+24)

And… more authors submitted extra entries this year too!

Submitted entries Number of Participants
3 counts 10 (+5)
2 counts 21 (+8)
1 count 74 (-9)