Need Your ST Entry Tested?

I know the Spring Thing deadline is end of next week, but if anyone needs some more testing of their entry, I have considerable time to give it a try between now and whatever deadline you give me. PM me if you are interested. I’d like to know the platform and how heavily it has been tested so far (e.g., sparsely, adequately, heavily). I’ll consider all requests sent to me today, but I’ll take a sparsely tested game over any other that has had more testing, and a parser game over a hyperlinked one given the same level of testing. And if I get two games at the same level of testing and done in the same platform, I’ll just take the author who contacted me first.


I’d like to cross post my offer here in case anyone missed it. Hope that’s OK with the admins. It seems like a topic like this could go either place & I think there’s still time for testing to help a game considerably.

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I’m also still interested in testing if anyone needs. I’m not strictly offering for the Spring Thing though, its more of an open offer.