Offering spring thing testing

I missed the signup deadline for Spring Thing, and the game would’ve been rushed anyway

So I mailed Aaron Reed and he suggested I post my offer here in lieu of a testing pool on (maybe next year. He’s pretty busy.)

I’ve tested a few games, including some darn good ones where I’d like to think I had something to do with the fine-tuning. You can check my IFWiki page for what I’ve helped with. And I understand Inform, and from my own games, I know what sort of mistakes Inform programmers can make.*

I’d probably be better for testing a parser game, but Twine is okay, too. I like pretty much any game, but I prefer games with humor. I may need a walkthrough and map as I’m a bit busy, and I’d be glad to either focus on an area other testers haven’t looked on or just bash through a walkthrough and try things to shake the game.

So–pm me or email me ( if you are interested. The earlier the better!

Also I’d encourage anyone who might be willing to test to post here too. Maybe we could have a pool, and instead of cold calling, people writing games might be able to pick a tester who seems best for what they want to do.

This isn’t to neglect I endorse that site heartily, as I’ve contacted people from there on the programming and testing side. I just think this might help a programmer to pick up a tester who seems like they might be aligned with what the programmer is trying to do. Plus if you can’t wait 24 hours for the daily summary, I think this forum/topic will do nicely. :slight_smile:

    • I still make them myself a lot, sadly.

Just wanted to chime in to vouch for aschultz as an awesome tester, and to let anyone who doesn’t know that his first name is Andrew so you can decipher his email code.

Yeah- he’s definitely a solid beta-tester. He will find the limits, strengths, and weaknesses of your work without being one of those beta-testers who expect a finished game and act all WTF!!! about bugs they find. GAWD I HATES THAT!!!1

Where was I? Oh yeah- another testimonial. Hats off to a fine beta-tester!

I would be interested in throwing my name out as a beta tester. I am not very experienced in coding, but I’m a reasonably experienced player and I like to test the limits of the games I play, find easter eggs if they exist, I’m a bit of a completionist if there is score involved, and I like to take the immersion of the world as far as I can by examining everything.

I provide transcripts with comments if anyone likes that sort of feedback, but I’m willing to modify my feedback for whatever works best for the author.

PM me if you think I could be useful as a tester for your game. :slight_smile:

I’m going to bump this offer, since I’ve tested a couple games and can fit one more in. I hope people have taken Xavea’s offer up. Willing testers can be tough to find.

Also, a related topic, if people missed it:


There is still lots of time to look into things and fix them, and if worse comes to worst, you’ll have a lot of ideas for a post-comp release.

I think I have looked at more ST games this year than there were last year, so I’m excited to see who else is in!

And finally, thanks MU and MTW. Your games are rather fun to test. You guys listen well too and implement the stuff I bug you about.

:smiley: :slight_smile: