Need setting for course in html

You awake in a classroom, sitting at the teacher’s desk. Suddenly a bunch of kids, presumably german high school studends, enters the room. A girl with short dark hair and glasses asks if this was the course on html. You agree and consider that they won’t want to start with php and javascript, so it might be an idea first to show them the essential features of hypertext, using html and designing a text adventure game, including fake websites and so on. You explain your plan to the kids. The huge boy in the back asks you which editor to use. Suddenly it’s again the girl with the glasses, shouting that it should not be too complicated to use. And right in front of you someone whispers: “Bitte plattformübergreifend, weil ich zuhause Linux habe.” which means “Cross-plattform please, I am using linux.”

Good luck with that one. Seriously, though, I think a CYOA game/story implemented as a hypertext-linked set of web pages would be a lot of fun! By the time you add a few images and Javascript widgets, you could have a very professional-looking production.

All you need is a good story to tell. But I’m sure the students will be able to come up with something.