Necrocomp is on now (Monday July 25 – Friday July 29 inclusive, UTC+10)

PINNED EDIT: Some playing online were experiencing problems when they receiveed a PRESS SPACE TO CONTINUE message, particularly within the help menu(s). Space wasn’t working for them, so they got stuck.

From now on, everyone should use this new version built on the new Parchment. It seems to have fixed the problem: Necron's Keep by Dan Welch

If for some bizarre reason this STILL doesn’t fix it, you can play OFFLINE, though you will have to record our own transcript(s) to email me later. Here is the IF Archive download link for the game:

When playing offline, type ‘transcript’ early each time you play or return from a saved game on a new day. Name your file. End a play session with QUIT (only after dying or winning, so that you get your score message first!) then you can send me the text files later.

Necrocomp has begun!

Who can play? Anyone and everyone who wants to try for prizes and glory in a swords’n’sorcery parser game, played online.

Necrocomp’s official start and end times are:

Monday, July 25, 2022 11:00 AM (+10 UTC) TO Friday, July 29, 2022 5:00 PM (+10 UTC).

I’ve published similar details for this comp both here and on my Andromeda Acolytes Discord server.

The game you’ll be playing in Necrocomp is Necron’s Keep by Dan Welch. This combat-RPG is absolutely janky and buggy… but also fun and challenging. Get ready to die A LOT as you try to find out what happened to the archmage Necron. Grapple with xp, levels, spells, spell components, hit points – and no UNDO – as you try to get the highest score you can.

Play Necron’s Keep online here (updated link): Necron's Keep by Dan Welch


Play as often as you want during the comp time window to try to get the highest score you can.



The link I gave you will automatically record all your transcripts at my end, but you MUST identify yourself to me at least once per session by typing your intfic handle at the prompt. And if you’re not an intfic member, it’d be best to type your full name and mention what venue you came from so I can find you if you win.

e.g. I could type ‘This is severedhand’ as one of my first commands. The game will say ‘I didn’t understand’ but that doesn’t matter. My name has now been recorded in the transcript.

Someone who came from the text adventures subreddit could type, ‘This is Toby Roxursox from r/textadventures/’

No ident in transcript = no chance to score, or win a prize

What counts as a session? A session starts when you open the game webpage. A session only ends if you close/refresh that page or turn off your computer. So if you play and RESTART multiple times in one session, you don’t have to keep re-entering your name. I only need it once per session.


Any particular game must come to an end for your score in that game to count.

It can end by you winning or dying. Either of these methods will produce the vital message:

“In that game you scored (number) out of a possible (number), in (number) turns”.

Every time you produce that message, consider that score to have been registered by you in the competition.

If you want to take a break, use SAVE. Come back next time and RESTORE.


UNDO is not available in Necron’s Keep, so make liberal use of the SAVE and RESTORE commands. This game is often bad at recognising shortened versions of object names. Here’s an example: Whenever you want to refer to your main weapon, the quarterstaff, you have to type in the whole word QUARTERSTAFF. If you just type STAFF, the game won’t recognise it. So in general, if you don’t use the whole name of something and the game ignores your command, try again using the long/full name of the person or object.


Apart from the glory of achieving the highest score or being a runner-up, there will be at least one place prize, and very likely more than that with enough entrants.

The competition prizes are all adventure/RPG/interactive fiction computer games.

PLATFORM AVAILABILITY - 100% of the games run on PC. - 58% of them run on Mac OSes that support 64-bit apps - 39% of them run on Mac OSes that support 32-bit Intel apps - 47% of them run on Linux.

DELIVERY METHOD BREAKDOWN - 89% of them are available from Steam - 21% of them are available from itch-io - 11% of them are available via direct download from their creators

Have fun. Feel free to discuss the game or ask any questions in this topic.



Press space to continue doesn’t work.
Are there some way to download the game to play in a interpreter?

It works for me. I checked the transcripts I’ve received so far and it seems to be working for others as well.

Are you able to try a different web browser?


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Pressing space in the menus doesn’t work for me either, in mobile Chrome.

Updating the Parchment files may fix it.

I’m still seeing transcripts where it’s not stopping people (even in the menus) so there’s some incompatibility somewhere, but I don’t know where exactly.

Re: possibly updating Parchment, I’ll message you @Dannii about it.

TO ANYONE WHO HAS THE PROBLEM (‘PRESS SPACE’ DOESN’T WORK): Do try other browsers/venues, but if nothing works, I will let you play offline for now and record and supply your own transcript(s) (Type ‘transcript’ early in game. Name your file. End a session with QUIT then you can send me the text file later). Here is the IF Archive download link:

I’m investigating the problem.


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I just got a report from Dannii that my new build of the site fixed the problem. So try this link to play:

I’ll wait to hear from some more people before I make this the new official link.

Btw, everyone’s transcripts are being saved at either link.


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Okay, I’ve been skimming the entries so far…

We currently have two people in the lead, both with a score of one whole point! (I think one of them is also in the lead in the Captain Verdeterre’s Plunder comp over in the Discord, making them a double threat.)

I strongly suspect you all can and will do better with practice.

I don’t blame folks for having their posteriors kicked by the Treant, but I’ll give you a little hint – don’t muck around with it now! Leave it behind and concentrate on your quest.


Okay, now I see someone’s moved up into the multiple points score zone, but that transcript has no identification and the game hasn’t ended yet. So whoever you are, I hope that’s a trial run…


With about 29 hours to go, I can say somebody has smashed Necron’s Keep. I’d be surprised (nay, impressed) if someone could touch the current high scorer. But there’s a HUGE score space in the middle ground where not many people are. If you had a quick go, I’d say dig yourself out of that newbie trough and get some more points. You could quickly move up in the rankings.


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So it appears that there’s a bug towards the end of the game that allows you to get infinite points.

Interesting game and magic system. Much harder at the beginning - once you work out the sphere it feels like all the risk is taken away.

Which was the bug you found? (I’ll ask before I tell. There may be more than one.)

I found that it helped to put the sphere in the right place re: the end game. It’s possible to put it in a room that ends up getting destroyed during the closing conflagrations.

Treants with negative strength keep spawning, and you get 28 points for each one you kill.

Yep, same bug someone else found, and used to max out score :slight_smile:

Maxed out… a 32 bit integer? I couldn’t be bothered doing that!

I should add, I knew this game had issues like that, and went into the comp accepting them as valid ways to score. Since in my own highest-scoring game, I got more than the stated max possible score without using any exploits.

Haha, no. What happens is, there’s also an xp levelling cap programmed in. I’m not 100% on how it works, but a point comes where you can’t score any more because you can’t level any more.

Yeah, it seemed like some enemies would respawn and give you points each time. But the others didn’t have negative strength!

I hit the point where it said I reached the max level, but it was still giving me more points each time. But maybe it caps it further on?

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