My talk on "IF for Writers"

I gave a talk on IF at Readercon this weekend. Readercon is a science fiction convention focussed tightly on written SF; but one of the organizers is interested in IF (he’s quoted in Get Lamp!) so he was willing to run some IF events, including a Get Lamp showing and my talk.

Given the venue, I tried to describe IF for writers (and readers) of traditional fiction.

(Some of this is cribbed from my Gameshelf post from last week: … ide-b.html . Which you can also, y’know, read if you want.)

This essay is really helpful and interesting, one of the best explanations of IF that I’ve ever read. I’ve been looking for a way to introduce novel people to IF. Can I have permission to link to “A Writer’s Guide to Interactive Fiction” from other forums?

Thanks for putting it together. It must have been really effective as a speech.

You may link it, absolutely.

It wasn’t a big crowd, but they seemed interested and asked good questions afterwards. Unfortunately I didn’t have a projector, so I was reduced to reading the bits of transcript off my laptop.