Most Ambitious Twine Game You've Ever Played

What’s the most ambitious Twine game you’ve ever played or seen? In terms of size, detail, complexity and so forth? Which Twine games would you say are the definitive Magnum Opus-es of the system? The most advanced? Envelope-pushing? Impactful? Just plain cool?

I’m honestly just asking because I’m trying to get a friend hooked on IF who is currently addicted to your standard console fare, lol. You know. Mario. Pikachu. Zelda. I think they’d actually love Twine, and Twine hybrid games. If they do, then I can have a buddy I know IRL who I can talk to about IF!

With Those We Love Alive:
A Trial:

Here are a few I found very impressive in different ways!


SPY INTRIGUE is one of my few perfect 10s; recommendation seconded


I support all of Caleb’s examples.

I would add:
Open Sorcery
Cactus Blue Motel
Will Not Let Me Go
Dungeon Detective 2
Heretic’s Hope

This next game isn’t as polished as the others, but is extremely complex:

Lost in Time


Alcyone probably is the most ambitious failure by now. The release date was to be 2019 but there were no devlogs since May. The demo already slows down Twine to a crawl. Still, it is very impressive.

The Master of the Land for me. I’d never seen anything like it in Twine when it came out, and it still wows me to this day, with its interface, storytelling and world modelling, and all round very ambitious approach to choice based IF.

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I agree with Heretic’s Hope in particular. It’s odd that there has not been a lot of discussion about it in the forums so far during IFCOMP 2019. It is a polished and professional-looking game but I haven’t heard much about it at all.


Does it have to be twine, or just non-parser? If so, on top of the great suggestions already given, I’d also suggest the games produced by inkle which are long, good storylines, graphics, sound etc (80 days, heaven’s vault, sorcery!) And Fallen London. I also wouldn’t discount the shorter twine games. There’s so many that are worth reading.

Thanks for the recs. I’ve just played Cactus Blue Motel. Nice, atmospheric story. I liked how the choices gave enough freedom to feel like I was exploring the motel / game, but without inflicting stuckness on me.

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