Moondrop Isle hint thread

You can make progress in at least four different ways from here:

  • Get into the Hotel from one of its four sides.
  • Explore the tunnels fully (they’re quite compact) as there’s something big you can do there.
  • Find a way into the Crescent building in the Lunarcade.
  • There’s also something useful to be found in Gibbous Grove Shopping Center but it can be left until you’ve unlocked one of the outstanding zones.

Save yourself! It keeps going like that. :slight_smile:

Seriously though, I think your commentary on Anchorhead is a good comparison: this is a big map and there are a few cool puzzles but most of it is having the item that unlocks the thing and finding items is mostly “you happened to look at at the right object in the right location to see it.” So especially at the beginning it is extremely sparse. And to me it kept feeling that way: a lot of it is like the text-adventure equivalent of pixel-hunting, or maybe Where’s Waldo (except you don’t know what he looks like so you’re just scouring the whole map for potentially interesting things). And… it’s also fairly fine-grained: often you’ll solve a puzzle or find a thing and it’ll unlock one piece of five for some other puzzle, or it’ll unlock a door that lets you go directly to some place that you could already get to but now you don’t have to walk around the long way.

So… I honestly don’t know why I played all the way through this game: I got stuck in the mindset of “I’m gonna get through it,” and I can see the kind of people who will love it but I don’t think you’re someone I would recommend it to.

I have been kinda thinking of doing a set of invisiclues for it because there were a couple parts I thoroughly enjoyed (I’d vote the north/east kiosk puzzle as XYZZY best puzzle) but they’re buried under a lot of stuff that I think most people aren’t going to find fun…

These are way more directly spoilery than I’d maybe want to give most people starting out, but since you’re feeling like that I think it’s reasonable to shortcut the item hunt for you:

The Shore is basically a big donut that connects most of the other zones (actually most zones connect to most others? but the exits tend to be more hidden/locked). So if you start from the Wharf and circle clockwise (south, east, etc.):

  • The west mall entrance (s, s, w from the wharf): go in, there’s a lighted shop to the north-east (hint hint).

  • You can’t do anything useful with it yet (infuriatingly you need another item first: why was this split into two parts?) but you might as well grab the metal detector from there.
  • Exit the way you came, continue around clockwise: S, W, W, then north to Moonlight Meadow. In, grab the putter, back out.
  • Now you’re on a ring of locations that circle the water park: the paths curve around so you go east and it curves north to enter the east side room from the south. There’s something to do in the north room.
  • This one’s kind of a puzzle? I guess? But the solution is that you can open the fire escape with the putter: I think any golf club also works, or the shovel, when you find that.
  • Go up and then north/in which gets you into the hotel.. There’s an item to find here.
  • But you can’t find it directly: you have to examine the thing on the wall, and then unusually it narrates you walking over to it. Get the flashlight. You can’t get out of here into the hotel proper as far as I know. so head back out.
  • you might as well turn it on: it doesn’t run out of juice and it seems completely arbitrary to me which places require light and which don’t? When it’s puzzle-relevant rather than when it makes real-world sense, I’d say. Anyway. Head back E, S, S back the way you came to the shore.

  • Keep heading around the shore: W, W, N, N, N, then east into the gardens. Then N, E, ENTER SHED. There’s another item to be found here.
  • Continue down to the tunnels, wear the wading pants, then NE, E to the Lunarcade. N, E, U to the Selenelion. Poke around until you figure out how to open the shutters to the west.

  • That is, examine the concession stand. W, S, W, N to the Crescent Main Floor, then E into the fortune teller’s tent. Explore this for a bit.
  • Full spoiler: click the shovel. Now you can use the metal detector. This has two syntaxes: usually you wave detector and then dig multiple times in a row until you find something. But sometimes you have to wave detector at <thing> specifically before you dig. Note that the detector will randomly go off faintly and you can dig but you’ll find something worthless: these are just flavor AFAICT. But it’s confusing because it’s not gated to places where you can dig so sometimes it’ll randomly go off in a hotel room or something where you can’t dig. I’m pretty sure it always goes off more strongly when there’s something plot-relevant.
  • Go W, N, get the door open (it’s blocked from this side: you may have encountered it from the other side but you can’t get through from there). Go E, then north back to the beach. This puts us on the north side, so I guess we’ll circle counter-clockwise to get the last chunk of the shore?
  • Going W, W, S back to the entrance to the gardens. Go west again and explore along the west shore.
  • Specifically go north from there and look in the hot dog stand.
  • You can check the rock, but the interesting thing is the other clue.
  • Specifically the location is E, S, S, E from the hot-dog stand is the only place (I think?) where the chain-link fence isn’t broken? And there’s vegetation there.
  • And the thing you do here is wave detector at nettles and then dig repeatedly (I had to do it five times on this run) until you find the bolt cutters. Don’t forget to GET CUTTERS: it does NOT happen automatically and “finding” them doesn’t put them in the location, so if you forget to get them you’ll have to do the whole wave/dig/dig/dig thing all over again. Annoying and unnecessary, but….
  • Now you have most of the main items, so go back north into the gardens and from there into the tunnels again: N, N, E, enter shed, down, down. You should be able to explore everything here now, I think? There’s a major unlock here and a minor puzzle that I thought was pretty entertaining.
  • The major unlock is turning the power on. The minor one is in the Eerie Tunnel.
  • The major one’s location is the west edge of the ring: idk if it’s really much of a puzzle but I missed noticing one of the exits for a long time.
  • The tunnels are the fast-travel section as well.
  • Oh, I guess the other major major item is the keycard. It’s in Moonlight Meadows..
  • It’s somewhere in the waterpark, so now you can use the bolt cutters on the gate to get in.
  • Specifically it’s in the wave pool in the southeast corner. You need the waders for this.
  • Oh, one more item: the earpiece for the audio tour is also in Moonlight Meadows.
  • It’s near the east edge: you can either use the bolt cutters or you can solve the long series of tedious puzzles with the golf game, which requires finding (most of?) the clubs, the golf ball, and the score tablet.
  • In any case, you want to check in the golf cart that’s on the golf course: get the tablet and it also has the key that lets you into the tunnels from here (you can get out of the tunnels without the key, but I don’t think you can get back in without it? Oh wait, they’ve added a doorstop. Cool.).
  • And specifically the location of the earpiece is on the east side outside of the water park.
  • Again, is this really a puzzle? cut the combination lock, open the scratched locker.

Once you’ve done all this, I’d recommend trying the kiosks. The tedious set starts outside the east entrance of the mall: these ones teach you a weird language. The first one is very random: IIRC pressed 12 buttons without seeing a success so I thought for a long time I had to find an item to decipher it. But you should get a beep if you do the right thing and a buzz if you do the wrong thing (and a buzz resets your progress toward solving to try and prevent you from accidentally solving without understanding). It helps to be systematic about this one.

The fun set starts on the north side of the island, toward the east side. Maybe the easiest way to describe its location is three east from the hot dog stand?. This is the best puzzle set in the game IMO. Well, barring the last one in the other language: I didn’t care about that one much.

Hope that helps, but I do think this game is for a pretty niche audience so it may well not be worth it for you…

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In all honesty, I stumbled across it while poking around in search of something else, ha.

In terms of hints: first, a somewhat spoilery disclaimer that these hints won’t be very helpful right now. There’s something particular about the timing, which has to do with a recurring theme in this game. More specifically, it might be helpful to check back in about a week and a half from now… (Interestingly, this is related to a cool detail that was mentioned in the “Moondrop Isle is open for visitors” thread.)

Some hints that hopefully increase in specificity:

  1. What you’re looking for is in the same area of the isle as the safe itself.

  2. If you “think” in the garden (I believe meditating in the garden was mentioned in one of the audio tour recordings?), one of the things that comes to mind is something you might find in a garden. Although not all the plants are around anymore; it might help to look at the signs instead to figure out where things used to be.

  3. If you remember what sorts of things you could do in the break room in the hotel basement, it might help to try something similar here.

Hope this helps! I’m also happy to be more specific if you’d like.

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