Minimalistic tool called "Interactive Writer"

I want to announce to people here, to interactive writers the tool that I am solo-developing. I would call it Interactive Writer. Yeah. It is light-weight Web-based (when few more things will be done, I hope) tool for creating books with choices for a reader… and that is it. Yes, it is minimalistic. Maybe, I will add few minor features, but minimalism is the rule here (as I cannot make big system).
so, I want to ask your opinion. I did not play IF enough and I have little experience with such editors as Twine, Ink… don’t you mind to test it and write here a humble comment for me?:slight_smile:
Today is Sunday, I plan to prepare “alpha” version on Monday or Tuesday.
by the way: it is my own initiative to write this program, blame me only😁 on my defense: tool is super-easy to use. And I think now, it should be free of charge, after finishing as well (because simpler than Twine). But maybe, if it is good, I will make price. I am not a marketologist😁
thank you for reading (and help!)