MILLIWAYS Mark 2 design help

As some may know, a Milliways text adventure (sequel to the HHG2G game) has been pending for years. But now, it’s back in action.

Here is the base plot for the sequel: Milliways Mark 2 .
If you have a Google account, I would appreciate it if you could read through it and comment on some things. Also, I need a way to move from the Whale Crater to the Restaurant, which is quite annoying.

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I haven’t read the plot, so please excuse me if I’m way off track. It’s a long time since I read HHGTTG and the sequels, so my memory of it is fuzzy. Isn’t the whale crater one of those little side issues that didn’t involve Arthur Dent? If so, it’s not necessary to mention it at all. Problem solved.

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That is true, but the plot has been changed from the original story to better fit how it works. Anyway, he ends up going down into the Whale Crater, but via Slartibartfast. But that was removed because it ended up going back-forth-back-forth.

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I would really appreciate some other comments; I do need them. Anyone out there!

It may, or may not, be the feel that you want, but the design feels horribly “old school” and appears to break many of the “modern rules”. For example, there aren’t many pointers or clues to what you have to do, a lot seems quite random. Additionally, there are many ways to die or lose without due warning.

But maybe that’s the idea?

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I did go for the style of the original Hitch-Hiker’s Guide, but I don’t understand what you mean specifically. Could you elaborate?

Sure, I’ll highlight some things.

I’m not saying these are necessarily bad or wrong. They would be fine in an old school style game. That may be just what you want for this.

However, an important pre-design decision should be;

Is this going to play like an old school game from the 1980’s or like a modern game?


  • Why would plugging in a plant to a radio change its tune? Maybe the plant is an antenna, but this is not mentioned.

While you are fooling around on Magrathea, Zaphod gets fed up and disappears in the Heart of Gold to go somewhere really fashionable.

So Zaphod was around before this. Where is he? What is he doing? Can you talk to him?

Once in the 2nd class, you can enter the kitchen, and get the wine and Gargle Blaster.

Who’s there? Any chefs? Doesn’t anyone stop you wandering in the kitchen taking things?

Once you have the towel, you are able to enter the 1st class area (the guards believe you are a waiter)

While also wearing a dressing gown?

(once the Blaster is mixed with the wine) you can serve the drink to the 1st-class Idiot

Where is the clue to mix the drink? Otherwise presumably you always fail giving either the wine or the Blaster.

If you did it correctly, he will pass out and drop his card, which you can take and use to go to the car park.

Where are the clues that you have to get the card and that he has it and that you have to spike his drink?

You feel an urge. LISTEN TO URGE, or waiting 4 turns, tells you what the urge is.

What clue to “listen to urge” ?

Missing/Not Mentioned

  • How exactly do you get to the restaurant?

  • As a waiter with a Gargle Blaster, can you give this to Zaphod?

Bad Outcomes

  • What happens if you’re driven insane. Is this game over?

  • You don’t initially know you have to close the satchel quickly, then;

you are taken to the non-time Prison, and because of the dangerousness of non-time prison, you die quite quickly.

the special word if it is said anywhere else, you have some text about how you could not have known the word, and God, in a fit of rage, attempts to believe he does not exist, and in a fit of rage, brings the universe down with him, killing you as well.

Sudden death just testing the magic word?

you must speak the philosophical word to the computer. If it is incorrect, you lose (but you can’t. three tries or the machine breaks, sending sparks into your face and killing you)

More sudden death.

Old School Feel

you can sneak through the door to 2nd class, with the right timing.

But you have to quickly close the satchel

timing puzzles.

To get these frobs, you are given (by Slartibartfast) a bug-fixer, and told to find the combination needed. Asking the computer gives it to you (349). Then, (you have to do 3-4-9) every time you turn the numbered dial to the next correct number, something changes

Combination locks.

An object appears, which you can use. 40% chance that it is a key, to open the weirdbox in the cupboard. 40% chance that it is a strange claw,


the word, which is MRHUG, but MRKUG is also allowed, for reasons of cartography. Once you reach another area, you can say the special word

XYZZY stuff.

Hope this helps. I don’t want to appear too critical.

Best of luck with the project, which is most interesting.


Famously, in the 2005 Hitchhiker’s movie, every costume worn by every character (from the Vogons to the President of the Galaxy) was somehow a bathrobe.


It’s a sequel to the first, so old school.

In the first one, all of your friends walk down the ramp with you. But I have mentioned in my game that upon seeing what an empty planet lies ahead of them, they jump back into the ship, and in a final attempt to keep everyone safe, closes the door (not the hatch, that was manually opened).

I probably didn’t mention this, but the towel thing applies in the kitchen as well. People assume you know what you’re doing and ignore you.

Yeah, you know that blasters always knock people out, but he refuses it, saying “I’d rather stay alive.” If you give him the wine he drinks it, and hands the empty glass back to you. So you realise what you have to do (hopefully). And about the card, when he goes to the bathroom, it says, “A first-class idiot walks past you, uses his 1st-class pass-card to open the door (which leads to the bathroom and car park), and closes it behind him.” So I hope it’s obvious enough.

I was thinking about that. My first thought was, “LISTEN TO URGE” ! That makes total sense. But, like Leather Goddesses of Phobos, maybe if you leave it long enough it reveals itself.


That’s what I want to know. If you have an idea, then I am up for suggestions.

“He drinks it, returns the glass to you, and continues laughing with his friends as if what you had given him was a glass of water.”

But like with a lot of things, I never knew I needed the toothbrush, or the mail. But I might add a part saying that the Santriginean water is highly illegal. I don’t know, something.

That’s only if you say it before you’re meant to know it, as a barrier for a walkthrough that tells you the answer.

It’s like the Poetry puzzle in the first one, except with 3 chances.

I do need ideas, where there are brackets saying something like (SOMETHING GOES HERE) then I am stuck for ideas.
Hope this works out. :+1:

Awesome. Sounds like you have most of these worked out. Maybe add your expanded explanations to your game design.

Best of luck!

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