MGR3: Petter Sjölund's Cragne Manor source

This is apparently something that people do now (spoilers, obviously):
Source code of my contribution to Cragne Manor

I don’t really think this is of interest to anyone but me, but to me it is rather interesting, as it is my only work of interactive fiction.

It contains one very frustrating bug which made it into the final game: When the player enters the greenhouse, a timer starts ticking which makes scary stuff happen. However, this timer isn’t paused if the player leaves the greenhouse region, and it isn’t restarted if the player returns. When programming it, I simply didn’t consider the possibility that the player would leave the greenhouse and return later.

So in practice, pretty much all players entered the greenhouse, got the hint that the puzzle here couldn’t be solved yet, left in order to come back later, and never saw most of the stuff that I spent so much time writing and implementing.

There are other pretty bad bugs, such as the player dropping all supposedly un-droppable things when hitting the ground, but at least this was fixed by Ryan and Jenni before the release.

EDIT: After looking more closely at the source, the above seems to be incorrect. There is no timer, so I don’t know why things are not being triggered in the release version.


Repeating post, sorry for semi-spamming:

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Yes, go ahead!


It’s very cool to see someone who’s done a lot of good technical stuff for the community (a brief check of your GitHub page shows a LOT of contributions and green squares) get a chance to contribute, and I think Cragne Manor was perfect for that.

It’s also a relief, in a way, to know that people who know what they’re doing let bugs slip in too, bugs we feel we could have seen. It helps me feel less dumb about stuff that sat there for a month or two or longer.

None of this lessened my enjoyment of the end product, but this sort of thing gives me an excuse to revisit some day.

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